October 6, 2023By Teresa Gore

Xplore Conference to Gather Asia Pacific XR Champions in Australia this November

The Xplore XR Summit 2023 promises to be the ultimate gathering for medical innovators, visionaries, and inquisitive minds. This summit will allow participants to embark on an exclusive journey into the fascinating world of spatial computing/Metaverse or XR, to explore and unlock its boundless potential for healthcare. This healthcare simulation summit will be held at the Sunshine coast Health Institute in Birtinya, Australia, November 10-11, 2023. This HealthySimulation.com is proud to support this summit as a media partner, with more details below.

Participants should be prepared to have your mind expanded and your ideas revolutionized. The Xplore XR Summit 2023 seeks a reality where virtual and physical realms blend seamlessly, transforming the very essence of healthcare interaction for the betterment of everyone. At Xplore XR Summit 2023, participants will be front row to hear, interact and engage with pioneers and experts in the industry as they converge, reveal their secrets and take a deep dive into their research, and lessons learned from this cutting-edge technology.

Key Messages for Xplore XR Summit 2023

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  • Pioneering Innovation on the Sunshine Coast, Australia: Xplore is not just another tech conference; it’s a landmark event hosted on the Sunshine Coast, which is fast becoming a hub for healthcare technology in Australia. The event seeks to galvanise this burgeoning ecosystem.
  • Bridge Between Government, Academia and Industry: Xplore offers a unique platform for professionals, academics, and decision-makers to engage with emerging trends in healthcare technology, especially in extended reality (XR).
  • Ethical and Regulatory Focus: Aligned with global trends in medical XR, Xplore is committed to discussing ethical considerations and navigating the regulatory landscape to facilitate responsible innovation.
  • Global Expertise, Local Relevance: With speakers and attendees from diverse sectors and roles, Xplore aims to import global expertise into local contexts, thereby elevating the Australian healthtech industry.
  • Impacts Beyond Healthcare: While the focus is on healthcare technology, the implications are broader—touching on data safety standards, UX design, and even social issues like equitable access to healthcare.
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning: From UX design and AI for XR to specialized medical applications, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a medical professional, a tech entrepreneur, or a policy-maker, Xplore is the place to update your knowledge and expand your network.
  • Enhanced Patient Outcomes: By bringing cutting-edge technology into the spotlight, Xplore aims to advance the field in areas ranging from pain management to mental health, echoing global successes in these domains.
  • Strategic Partnerships for Future: Xplore is more than a one-off event and aims to establish lasting relationships between delegates, sponsors, and the community, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and innovations.
  • Dynamic Learning Experience: Apart from conventional presentations and panel discussions, Xplore promises hands-on workshops, exhibitions, and ample networking opportunities to ensure a dynamic learning experience for all.
  • A Boost to the Local Economy: Beyond its academic and professional scope, Xplore aims to contribute to the local economy by attracting talent, fostering innovation, and facilitating investment opportunities in the healthtech sector.

Who Should Attend this Summit?

  • Healthcare Executives: The C-level executives and directors from hospitals, care centers, and clinics who are looking to modernize and improve healthcare services through technology.
  • Public Health Authorities: Teams from various Health and Hospital Services (HHS) across Australia will be participating in the Summit, including a team from The Alfred, Australia’s largest trauma center, underlining the event’s importance for frontline healthcare providers.
  • Technology Innovators: Entrepreneurs, developers, and researchers in the fields of HealthTech and XR are encouraged to attend and engage with potential partners and stakeholders.

Why Should They Attend?

  • Networking: The conference is a high-caliber networking event where delegates can engage with leaders across multiple sectors, opening doors for collaboration and partnerships.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Xplore will be an eye-opener for anyone interested in the future of healthcare technology, from artificial intelligence to extended reality (XR).
  • Investment Opportunities: For corporates and public health services, this is an opportunity to identify potential areas for investment and collaboration that could revolutionize healthcare practices.
  • Skill Upgradation: The event promises to be a learning experience, offering hands-on workshops and deep-dive sessions into various specialized areas of healthcare technology.
  • Local and Global Context: Engage with both local and international experts to understand how innovations in healthcare can be implemented effectively in various settings.

Headline Speakers for Xplore XR Summit 2023

The key speakers for the summit are known worldwide and have contributed to the growth of healthcare simulation. Bradley Chesham, founder of Bundle of Rays, will be hosting Xplore XR Summit 2023. Bundle of Rays was founded to empower health professionals to be better skilled and qualified to promote timely, informed decision about patient care. Bradley is a front-line nurse in hospitals and was a battlefield nurse in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Mr. Chesham will open the summit for participants and the following headline speakers:

Deborah Lee, PhD, DNP, ACNP-BC, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, USA: specializes in patient safety and the development and implementation of Rapid Response Teams. She holds various qualifications and awards, including a Post-Master’s Certificate from Rush University and the Service Excellence Award from Borgess Medical Center. Dr. Lee will present on “XR and Its Coming Impact, Knowing What We Know.”

Professor Jag Dhanda, MD, FellowMaxillofacial/Head Neck Consultant Surgeon, Professor of Surgery, CEO of Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery, Professor of Extended Reality in Medicine and Surgery, Founder and Director of VRiMS/XRiMS, United Kingdom: is a leading figure in the field of extended reality in medicine, this professor holds a PhD in molecular oncology and is the founder of Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery (VRiMS.net). He is currently affiliated with Queen Victoria Hospital as a Consultant Maxillofacial Head Neck Surgeon. Dr. Dhanda will present on “Leveraging Extended Reality for Global Health and Surgical Training.” Dr. Dhanda states, “The intersection of extended reality and medicine is more than just technological advancement; it’s a revolution in healthcare accessibility and quality.”Xplore isn’t just another conference; it’s a catalyst for change. With its focus on the latest advancements in Extended Reality, AI, and healthcare, it provides the perfect platform for innovators and medical experts to come together, fostering partnerships that will shape the future of medicine.”

Lars Riedemann, MD, Consulting Neurologist and Digital Clinician Scientist: is a renowned physician-scientist with training from the University Hospital Heidelberg, Harvard Medical School, and MIT. He co-founded Shift Medical and has research affiliations with Heidelberg University Hospital, the German Cancer Research Center, and the National Center for Tumor Diseases.German. Dr. Riedemann will present on “The Intersection of Medicine and Extended Reality in Modern Healthcare.”

Stephanie Justice, DNP, RN, CHSE, XR Lead Nursing Faculty The Ohio State University. Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing for The Ohio State University College of Nursing. CHSE certified simulation educator. Moulage artist for nursing school and volunteer for Franklin County. She has presented regionally, nationally and internationally on moulage techniques for medical and emergency training. Chief Innovator for Healthcare Education Simulation Station (HESS) with edgeThingZ.

Key Sponsors and Partners for Xplore XR Summit 2023 are:

  • HealthySimulation.com
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Advance Queensland
  • HTC
  • META
  • 3D Organon
  • Wollongong University
  • VRPatients
  • Life Sciences QLD
  • Possability Care
  • Telstra (TBC)
  • University of Sunshine Coast (TBC)
  • Facilitate
  • River City Labs
  • QLD XR Hub
  • SimX

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