February 18, 2014By Lance Baily

Surgical Teams Benefit From New S2 Interactive Simulation Training Platform


Recently I came across a post from S2 Interactive, which provides training solutions for surgical teams. Learn why the company continues to successfully help surgery teams improve performance outcomes with their products and services:

Simulation offers obvious benefits in surgical training for both surgeons, residents and nurses. Sophisticated virtual reality simulators provide anatomically realistic recreations of many operations, with inbuilt metrics allowing for virtual practice in order to improve surgical efficiency, patient outcomes and reduced liability. Hospitals and medical schools view simulation training as the preferred method of training for many specialties. Prior to simulation being introduced, surgeon training traditionally consisted of repeated practice on patients. Surgical residents and fellows were exposed to innumerable operative cases over many years with supervision tailored to their needs. This type of surgeon training process has changed radically in recent years. Minimally invasive surgical techniques have led to fast track and ambulatory surgery; service targets and reductions in working time have reduced training opportunities for young doctors; and strong ethical imperatives have made it unacceptable for novices to learn “on patients”.

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Should a hospital invest $265,000 for training of 5 scrub technologists and one applies a turnover rate of 20%, the hospital will lose 1 of the 5 recent hires during the first year. Accounting for the turnover results in the hospital investing $265,000 for training 4 scrub techs, a net of $66,250 for the training of 4 techs. The growing need for techs along with a high turnover rate are being forced to examine ways to lower training costs while insuring quality standards and patient care is being met.

S2 conducted research to validate users accelerated learning by using VirtualBackTableTM. S2 confirmed the improved skills were transferable to the operating room. Participants reviewed surgeon specific procedures they had previously seen at least 1X in the VBT software. Results indicated that by reviewing the identical surgeon specific procedure in Virtual BackTable for 5 – 7 minutes a competency improvement of 44 – 250% was achieved when compared to the user’s baseline knowledge. The study indicates that VBT, if briefly reviewed prior to scrubbing a procedure, has a significant beneficial impact in surgery. Improved surgeon specific instrument proficiency by the surgical technician will improve the procedural outcomes, increase efficiency, and contribute to improved patient safety. Virtual BackTable has been proven to assist scrub teams learn procedures in multiple specialties. The below charts reflect the dramatic improvement for various scrub members utilizing VBT in order to learn various procedures in multiple specialties. All data is on file at S2 Interactive, Inc.

About S2 Interactive:

“S2 Interactive, Inc. is a Delaware C corp. founded by Larry Foster, R.N., in September, 2011. After working as a surgical nurse and spending 26 years in leadership roles within sales, marketing and professional education in the orthopedic & spine industry, Larry was convinced there was an opportunity to teach hospital staff to learn and manage surgical instruments more efficiently and safely. Larry spent five years working with technology experts realizing with the current trends in healthcare there was a clear need to increase hospital staff productivity/efficiency while driving cost savings. Larry’s vision combined with the introduction of user-friendly “hand held” technology platforms (tablets) enabled S2 Interactive to develop Virtual Back Table and Tray Touch software platforms.

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Virtual Backtable™ is a unique cloud-based platform that provides hospital specific surgical procedure staff training. By using Virtual Backtable, the OR staff can deliver any procedure safely and consistently, according to specific surgeon requirements. VBT shortens the training time and sharpens the skills of the scrub staff with a market first virtual instrument simulation option for every procedure using hospital specific instruments and trays. Scoring is immediate in order to provide instant feedback and rapid improvement. VBT has assisted in the instrument training for over 150 various procedures in a variety of specialties. We trained over 1,000 individual users during the past 2 years resulting in a lower costs and faster training time for our customers.”

Read the full article and learn more at the S2 Interactive Website

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