April 11, 2013By Lance Baily

Video Update from Laerdal SUN Indianapolis 2013

laerdal SUN

The April 2013 Laerdal SUN Indianapolis meeting held its opening ceremonies yesterday providing over 230 Simulation Champions from around the World with the training they need to start or expand their healthcare simulation program.  Forty percent of attendees surveyed said they were new to medical simulation, clearly demonstrating the continued growth of this emerging healthcare education technology.  Watch my video recap below to get all the highlights from my experience yesterday!

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The show opened with a team from the nearby Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall providing a vehicle trauma case with pre-hospital transportation and handoff to an ED team who continued the scenario.  The live demonstration showcased the potential for creating realistic simulations, even while on a stage!

The teams from various Indiana University schools then answered questions about the simulation and their interdisciplinary programs, providing these helpful tips:

1) To provide higher quality engagements, minimize the number of medical students at no more than two participants per scenario, while requiring residents to work without a partner.
2) Remember that everyday in simulation is a negotiation, whether its the space, equipment, technology or collaborations – keep an open mind to always be moving forward.
3) Minimize the use of trends + handlers for those new to simulation, in-order to provide a better opportunity to learn the technology.
4) Make sure you seriously consider the legality of keeping A/V recordings and how your program will handle such sensitive data.

After this session I provided an hour and a half course on A/V Technology within a Simulation Center.  I focused on demonstrating the benefits of using video to not only record simulation engagements, but also create promotional material for your program and/or training/orientation videos for learners, staff and educators.  For more on this topic check out how to market your simulation program, how to add media to your sim center website, and how to produce simulation orientation videos.

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In the following session, Brian Florek, Simulation Technology Engineer from Northwestern University provided another technology-based course on “How Technology Can Enhance Your Sim Lab Operations”.  Brian covered topics such as bar-code inventory control systems, free-to-use online survey and audience response websites, network security concerns, and checklist tools.  I recorded a good deal of Brian’s presentation so we will share more of it soon!

Later that evening, Laerdal provided free transportation to Indiana University’s Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall for their “Solutions Bar”.  Attendees took a tour of the space while engaging with Laerdal products ranging from Heart BLS to SimMan 3G.


The Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall brings Indiana’s current and future doctors, nurses and technicians together in collaborative practice in a variety of clinical settings.

Together, these interdisciplinary teams will practice on manikin that respond like real patients, immerse themselves in computer-simulated surgery and react to complicated emergency room dramas.  Jointly operated by Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University School of Nursing and Indiana University Health, the simulation center’s mission is to provide a replica of the patient care environment where health care providers can learn to apply cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills in a interdisciplinary approach.  The vision for the simulation center is to instruct and facilitate learning while objectively measuring a learner’s performance and competency in the healthcare environment.   

iuhealth simulation

Visit http://iuhealth.org/sim-center/ to learn more about this state of the art healthcare simulation facility!

Networking at Laerdal SUN events has always been easy – round tables and mixers provide strangers the opportunity to quickly meet one another and share ‘sim stories’.  I maintain that learning from as many other Simulation Champion as possible is the best way to create and expand your ownlaer program.

Day 1 of the Laerdal SUN Indianapolis has been a great learning experience! Visit Laerdal.com/SUN to learn about the next meeting near you!

*UPDATE* – Laerdal has now released all the presentations and videos recorded at the event – download those today at the new Indianapolis SUN 2013 Website.

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