April 12, 2021By Lindsey Nolen

Nasco Healthcare: Changing the World of Medical Simulation Through Diversity

Healthcare simulation company, Nasco Healthcare, remains committed to promoting industry best practices to establish increased patient safety outcomes and fewer lives lost. As the company continually advances available clinical simulation products, Nasco Healthcare simultaneously works to meet the ever-changing needs of frontline healthcare workers. Today, this demand means incorporating a comprehensive portfolio of skills trainers and healthcare simulation products that fulfill a broad range of low and high-fidelity requirements, virtual patients and artificial intelligence (AI) – while exhibiting diversity to promote inclusion across the industry.

Nasco Healthcare believes that diversity has become one of the hallmarks of 21st century society on a global scale. Specifically, diversity in healthcare has formed a major part of the evolving landscape and is now one of the company’s core pillars. Within the medical simulation sector, diversity is two-fold, encompassing both healthcare practitioners and the patients they treat.

Further, statistics show that COVID-19 disproportionately affects minority groups, pointing to the role systematic racism plays in the healthcare industry. Nasco Healthcare’s President and CEO, Ken Miller, is leading the charge to develop training solutions that reflect the diverse populations that healthcare workers serve.

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“As the only Black male CEO in the simulation market, I believe that we need to truly confront racial inequality in the healthcare industry,” said Miller. “We at Nasco Healthcare have made diversity and inclusion an integral part of our business model in order to challenge racial inequality in healthcare.”

As an organization, Nasco Healthcare believes that having simulation manikins accurately represent the entire fabric of society and reflect the diversity of evolving patient populations worldwide is essential. This is why the company is committed to diversity and inclusion, extending from the internal employee structure to training tools. This is designed to assist healthcare practitioners by producing healthcare simulation manikins that are as “real-looking” as possible.

“We’re committed to developing training solutions that reflect and represent all patients. This is essential to ensure frontline healthcare workers are knowledgeable, caring and ready to treat the diverse communities they work in,” added Miller.

Research: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Simulation – A Reflexive Tool for Simulation Delivery Teams

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In the same way that Nasco Healthcare’s manikins are lifelike in representing patients’ physiological functioning and reactions, their aesthetic must simulate the standard patient. To accomplish this, the company has elevated medical simulation by providing different skin tones – recognizing that, even within the medium to dark category, there are a myriad of variations. Further, Nasco Healthcare recently launched a number of medium skin tone products, including IV arms, catheter trainers and the ALEX/AXEL clinical simulators.

Overall, Nasco Healthcare stresses the company’s commitment to incorporating diverse skin tones in future products. With a global marketplace that has been directly impacted by COVID-19, now more than ever, Nasco Healthcare is set on assisting healthcare heroes worldwide with the most thorough training and preparation for real-world clinical scenarios. Diversity in medical simulation manikins is just one of the many factors that can help guarantee the learners of the present and future are as ready as they can be.

“We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. This includes actively recruiting from historically Black colleges and universities,” said Miller. “It’s important to also have a diverse team interview a job applicant.”

More About Nasco Healthcare

Nasco Healthcare’s mission is to prepare frontline healthcare workers to be ready to deliver optimal patient outcomes, whenever and wherever they are called. They deliver medical simulation solutions that enable everyday heroes to be at their best, the moment they are called upon.

Every Nasco Healthcare product is reliable, life-like, 100% hand-made in the United States, compliant to healthcare regulations and covered by up to a 5-year warranty. Plus, easily upgradeable and replaceable parts mean you can have a Nasco Healthcare product for life.

The company attends several medical simulation conferences each year, such as the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), INACSL, the National Forum on Simulation for Quality & Safety, the Association for Medical Education in Europe meeting and Canada’s SIM Expo.

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