September 29, 2020By Lance Baily

MedVision and Echo Healthcare Announce New Simulator Service Support ‘MeLiSA’ for North America

Recently human patient simulator, auscultation manikin manufacturer, and surgical simulator designer MedVision announced a new partnership with Echo Healthcare to provide MeLiSA service and support on simulators across North America. This is an important announcement for the healthcare simulation industry as it not only demonstrates the further expansion of new clinical simulation technologies but also the technical support to keep operations moving!

Last week, MedVision and Echo Healthcare announced their partnership to provide MeLiSA (Master Level Service Agreement) service and support on MedVision’s line of patient simulators in North America. With the partnership, MedVision simulators will be serviced by the revolutionary model that is redefining warranty support in the healthcare simulation industry. MedVision is an innovative and fast-growing company founded in 2011, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-fidelity medical simulators.

MedVision launched their US presence in 2018 and are opening their headquarters in Tampa this month. They pride themselves on a high-level of customer engagement in product development and real-time service that healthcare providers require. ¨MeLiSA is a unique and innovative simulation maintenance service program that provides immediate and live support to simulation centers across North America” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

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¨Benefits in working with MeLiSA include cost stabilization, coverage on all makes and models of simulators, and live technical expertise from a team of highly skilled ESR`s (Emergency Simulator Responders). MedVision clients will be supported under this pristine service model and will be receiving the MeLiSA gold standard of service excellence.“

“What is most exciting about our partnership with MeLiSA is that both companies are game-changers in the healthcare simulation industry,” said MedVision CEO Yulia Melnikova. “We both listen to our customers and have made the adjustments required of the market. MedVision customers want enhanced realism and features in their simulators and they want to be able to speak to a service specialist immediately when there is a question or problem.

The MeLiSA service provides that.¨ This new partnership assures a new level of healthcare training and service, bringing an unprecedented level of synergy that has not been seen. The goal of both companies is to improve healthcare training in the clinical environment, that will lead to more lives saved.

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More About Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a premier healthcare simulation company in North America with the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes through simulation, education and innovation. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive simulation products and a revolutionary new service model, MeLiSA. MeLiSA (Master Level Service Agreement) is the world`s first simulator agnostic service and support program in the healthcare simulation industry. Learn more about MeLiSA here!

More About MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of educational excellence in quality healthcare through medical simulation. MedVision`s designs and leading-edge technologies define their range of adult, pediatric, infant and surgical simulators. MedVision is proud to work closely with healthcare professionals around the world to create successful simulation programs that will impact the quality and safety of patient care and help to improve patient outcomes. Learn more about MedVision on their website.

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