January 2, 2013By Lance Baily

Critical Thinking Vs. Memorizing – A Technology Article for Teachers

Math teacher Emre Firat recently posted an interesting article on his blog “The Shift in Education” called Critical Thinking Vs. MemorizingIn the article Emre makes the argument that “we shouldn’t try to assess new skills with old methods” – which fits perfectly in line with the teaching methodology inherent in technology based simulation.

Emre asks us “Which one is more important? Critical thinking skills or memorizing? The answer may seem obvious to you. If you are a teacher then you wouldn’t want your students memorize things. Instead you’d be glad to see that they can think critically. The same is true if you are a parent but what about students? Which one is more important for them?”. Click here to read more… or check out the community discussion about this article on linkedin.

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Emre’s blog is designed to support teachers utilizing technology: “We are having a major shift in education. Technology has been a part of education for more than 20 years but with the improvement of touch-based smart devices and new concepts like “21st century skills” we are living a change in the perception of “technology in education”. This change is so fast that teachers are having hard times to adjust their teaching skills. After all todays teachers (at least me) were not prepared for this “shift” while they were having their pedagogical education. With this blog I’ll try to share things that I learned and things that I’m still learning with you. ”

Read more of this interesting article about memorization vs critical thinking or check out his other articles which I feel directly relate to simulation including Closing the Generation Gap, How to be an Online Teacher, Top 10 Educational Technology Blogs for Teachers and more!

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