November 19, 2012By Lance Baily

What should we pay Standardized Patients?

What is the hourly pay range for standardized patients?

Gigi Guizado, SP Coordinator for the University of Nevada School of Medicine who works at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas wrote in to answer a community-asked question “What should we pay standardized patients?”

standardized patient pay range

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Gigi writes “Standardized Patients (SPs) hourly rates vary regionally based on the cost of living and other market factors.  Another consideration is what the SPs are being asked to do, as in sensitive manuevers such breast exam versus basic non-invasive physical exam. For basic standardized patient work, I’ve seen wages as high as $20.00 per hour on the West Coast, plus free parking.  Some markets include travel time, mileage, bridge toll, meals, etc. as well.

If you required case development/writing, or anything involving the sexual organs/nudity, the cost would go up considerably. I should also add that guaranteeing a minimum number of hours is also helpful.  Depending on the market factors in your area, SPs may or may not be willing to work for 1.5 hours, because their net income for the day ends up not being worth it, considering their travel time and other opportunities they may have to turn down. Guaranteeing them a minimum of 2-3 hours of pay, can help you build and maintain a reliable pool of SPs.  In this light, $50.00 for 1.5 hours of non-invasive SP work can make sense. ”

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