November 9, 2012By Lance Baily

Nerdy Nurse Talks Tech & More…

Meet Nerdy Nurse (Brittney), patient, nurse and technology advocate who runs the popular Nerdy Nurse blog.  Nerdy Nurse covers everything from technology innovations and product reviews such as “8 Reasons Why You Should Own an Ultrabook” to important healthcare issues such as why “Doctors Must Protect Their Online Reputation”.

Nerdy Nurse explains on her about page that “I am a registered nurse who made the transition from beside care to working as a nurse informaticists. Actually, if you want my official title I am a “Clinical Informatics Specialist” at a ever-expanding not-for-profit hospital in Georgia. (That sounds all fancy don’t it? On my first day someone asked me if “informatics” was a typo on my name badge! Guess that’s what happens when you do one of those weird new jobs.) I worked for years as a as a staff nurse, on the night-shift, on medical surgical floor at a for-profit corporate hospital. The opinions I have about healthcare, technology, and nursing have been shaped by these experiences.”

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Check her out on twitter @TheNerdyNurse and her blog today to get a nerdy nurse’s perspective on new technology!

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