September 9, 2012By Lance Baily

Weekly Webinars – Free Medical Simulation Consulting and Q&A

Additional Dates Added!!

Thursday October 4th, 11AM PT / 2PM ET – General Q&A
Tuesday October 9th, 10:30AM PT / 1:30ET – General Q&A

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FREE Medical Simulation / Q&A Webinar!


medical simulation consulting

Starting TOMORROW Wednesday September 5th, will be providing “Weekly Webinars”, free medical simulation consulting and Q&A sessions live for the entire community.  Join us as Lance Baily, Medical Simulation Evangelist, and friends answer your medical simulation related questions!

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Have a simple medical simulation question?
If you have a question with regards to any aspect of medical simulation, would like to learn from others who do, or have something to share with the group then join us (almost) every Wednesday morning.  Use our live-streaming chat room to ask your specific medical simulation question.  See the schedule below for exact times!

Have more than 30 minutes worth of questions?
If you have 30 mins – 1 hour worth of questions, simply email me and sign up for any General Q&A session in September!

Weekly Webinar Topics Covered include:

  • Simulation Center Design & Development
    • Architecture & layout including electrical and plumbing considerations
    • Stakeholder identification
    • Short & long term financial and program needs
    • Staffing identification and job descriptions
    • IT network design and integration
    • System configuration and optimization
    • Capital equipment selection
      • A/V Systems
      • Manikins
      • Additional medical simulation hardware & software
      • Debriefing system selection
    • Proven hiring practices
    • Committee development
  • Simulation Center Operations
    • Policies & Procedures
      • Scheduling
      • High-fidelity simulation labs
      • Mid-fidelity skills labs
      • Standardized patient labs
      • Staff operating procedures
      • Learners
      • External users
      • Security
    • Staff
      • Roles & responsibilities / Job descriptions
      • Hiring new staff
      • Staff transitioning
      • Training new staff
      • Adding additional staff
      • Team communication
      • Management & leadership
    • Clinical educators
      • Selecting ‘Simulation Champions’
      • Clinical educator training & integration
      • Inter-professional & collaborative program development
      • Video orientations
      • Training manuals
      • Supporting research
    • Scheduling
    • Marketing & community outreach
      • Website development
      • Video and media development
      • Tour and open-house development
      • Flyering and advertising campaigns
      • Conference & professional organization participation
  • External Users & Revenue
    • Contract Documentation
    • Staff & administrative requirements
    • Costs involved
    • Course Design
    • Sales practicies
    • Marketing
    • Rate and fee structures
  • Simulation Products & Services
    • Industry assessment
    • Product development & design
    • Website development
    • Video Productions (product demonstrations, orientations or original content creation)
    • Marketing campaign development
      • Online advertising
      • Social media campaigns
      • Email campaigns & horizontal sales

Complete Schedule of Webinars for September:

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Wednesday the 5th, 11AM PST –
Medical Simulation Program Development w/ Director of Technology

Wednesday the 12th, 10AM PST –
General Q&A – Email Lance to sign up for 30 minutes of Q&A

Tuesday the 18th, 10AM PST –
Community College Nursing Director Q & A

Wednesday the 26th, 12PM PST –
General Q&A – Email Lance to sign up for 30 minutes of Q&A

Additional Dates Added!!

Thursday October 4th, 11AM PT / 2PM ET – General Q&A
Tuesday October 9th, 10:30AM PT / 1:30ET – General Q&A

Tomorrow, John M. Rathje Interim Director of Technology for the College of Medicine at Central Michigan University will be joining us to learn more about CMU program development including staffing needs, operations and more.  We will also be taking questions from the live-streaming chat room so be sure to join’s free Webinar events!

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