June 6, 2012By Lance Baily

HealthySimulation.com Website Update!

Hi Sim Champs! Good news – I have spent the last few weeks building some new features to HealthySimulation.com!

Laerdal METI manikin

First, the new navigation bar above will help you find your way through the variety of key pages located on the website.  For instance, selecting the “moulage” page under the “resources” tab will provide you with ALL the moulage related articles that have been shared over the years on HealthySimulation.com.  This drop-down menu will help you to browse through various categories of recent posts, from administration based articles to educator-based articles to product reviews and more!

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Next, on the right you will see two new areas: Most Read Articles and Most Recent Posts.  Most Read Articles will help you see what the rest of the medical simulation community is learning about with this all-time “top ten” list of posts ever read.  Next, the Most Recent Articles section will quickly show you the titles of the 30 most recent posts on HealthySimulation.com – so that you can quickly catch up with topics you are specificically interested in.

Finally, we have integrated facebook into the website, allowing you to like, post and share articles with your facebook friends so that you can quickly help others gain the free knowledge and resources we post here on HealthySimulation.com!

Do you have an article or resource you would like to share with the medical simulation community? Email me and let me know!

Have a great week of Sim!

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