Improve Your Simulation Instructional Skills With 2019 iSIM Courses

Those looking to improve their healthcare simulation instructional skills should strongly consider in-person training activities, as the nuances of debriefing and instructional design in the field are extremely unique. Designed and facilitated by internationally renowned experts in simulation and faculty development, the training courses available from WISER at the University of Pittsburgh and The Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education at the University of Miami called iSIM, or Improving Simulation Instructional Methods, will prepare healthcare educators to enhance their skills using best practices in simulation-based education methods. Hurry, these courses fill up fast!

The iSIM program is intended for healthcare professionals and educators who are interested in improving their instructional skills. An intense focus on scenario design, debriefing skills, and assessment tool design and implementation set the stage for success.

Employing a scaffolded learning approach, iSIM faculty will facilitate active discussions about essential simulation topics, intermixed with hands-on activities for learners to apply and test the fundamental concepts. Using this framework, participants will design and run a scenario each day using best practices in scenario design and implementation. At the end of each day, participants will facilitate and debrief their scenarios. This will be followed by a meta-debriefing led by iSIM faculty, to discuss essential elements of the scenario design, facilitation, and debriefing.

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Each day the focus shifts to cover different aspects of simulation scenario and assessment tool design. Concepts covering objective-driven scenario design will explore challenging aspects of best practices in simulation scenario design and curricular integration. Hot topics such as choosing the proper simulation modalities, designing the appropriate amount of fidelity, decisions of facilitation, as well as building and debriefing team and interprofessional educational scenarios round out an excellent experience.

Through this iterative, learn by doing immersive approach iSIM participants will experience improvement and build upon essential practical skills that they can apply in both simulation education teaching and clinical bedside teaching.

The iSIM course is held at WISER in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, two times next year (July 29th – 31st, October 9th – 11th). To register or obtain more information, visit the link below!

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The Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER) is a world class multidisciplinary training and research facility. WISER is an institute of the University of Pittsburgh with a mission to conduct research and training programs utilizing simulation based education to provide a safer environment for patients of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its affiliates.

Learn More About the iSIM Courses Available at UPMC’s WISER Center!

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