June 22, 2018By Lance Baily

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Sim Champs do you have a story to share with the Global Healthcare Simulation community? Submit your article today through our simple form to publish your story to more than 20,000+ healthcare professionals from around the world who are specifically interested in healthcare simulation related news and resources! Tell us about your successful grant award, research publication, product innovation, staffing hire, program launch, moulage recipe, debriefing guide, or collaborative partnership. HealthySim is excited to share your latest healthcare simulation related news!

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Suggested Article Submission Ideas

  • Latest supported simulation research project
  • New building and/or program launches
  • Collaborative partnership training exercises featured on local or regional news
  • Favorite moulage recipes
  • Latest course or workshop offerings
  • New simulation trainer innovative projects
  • New staff hires and expanded program offerings
  • Program milestones and successes
  • New business partnerships
  • Helpful guides, recommendations, tips or suggestions
  • Free resources your team has successfully implemented or created
  • Industry reflections on patient safety, simulation, new technologies, or healthcare education
  • Conference presentations and event recaps
  • Questions or concerns about recent trends or industry developments
  • Your favorite HealthySimulation.com articles
  • And anything else that has to do with clinical simulation!

Recent examples of user submitted articles include:

Of course, you can also post a healthcare simulation job for your program too.

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