November 10, 2017By Lance Baily

Healthcare Simulation News Recap for November 10th, 2017

Here’s the latest healthcare simulation news from around the world sim champs!

Medical Simulation RobotA new video shows of the Mikoto: Medical venture Tmsuk R&D Inc. along with Tottori University Hospital unveiled a robot named ‘mikoto’ that will be used for medical training.

Qualcomm tries to find a place for VR in medical training In Qualcomm’s demo, using the company’s Snapdragon 835 VR dev kit headset, I found myself in a spaceship-like medical bay with a flying robot that explained each step of the simulation. All of this was rendered in computer graphics, by the way!

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SMC Hospital conducts tornado simulation — Shenandoah Medical Center was a busy place Thursday morning. SMC conducted an emergency preparedness drill, which simulated a tornado touching down in town resulting in multiple injuries.

First General Surgery Virtual Residency Program To Allow Training Anytime, Anywhere Launched In Collaboration These two groups are joining together to introduce the first general surgery Virtual Residency Program. This unique collaboration will allow academic medical institutions to formally integrate the 3-D simulation platform into their resident program.

University of Nevada Opens A New Virtual Reality Studio“Then there’s lots of research and application going on in the virtual reality world including psychology, medical school, simulations, and training,” said Gandolfo. There’s a lot of things that could happen from the new studio.

Titan Medical and Columbia University Medical Center Announce the Successful Installation of Titan’s Sport Surgical …… development and commercialization of a robotic surgical system for application in minimally invasive surgery (“MIS”), and Columbia University Medical Center announce the installation of Titan Medical’s SPORT Surgical System at Columbia’s simulation training program.

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