June 24, 2010By Lance Baily

Notes about HealthySimulation.com

Hello Sim Champs!

Quick note to talk about two things for the website:

1) Medical Simulation vs. Healthcare Simulation

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While I believe that Healthcare Simulation is a more appropriate term for our field, I will from time to time refer to our industry as Medical Simulation.  This is because “Medical Simulation” has about 4x as many hits as “Healthcare Simulation” via Google.  To grow and develop this website I must utilize specific keywords to maximize search results.   In the future I hope the industry adopts the standard of “Healthcare Simulation”, but until that time I will sporadically throwing the term “Medical Simulation” around the site.  Please take no offense!

2) I have started a job posting page as quite a few individuals have asked me to forward along information about new Healthcare Simulation jobs. Check it out!  If you have a job you would like to post, please let me know at : [email protected] .

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