September 18, 2015By Lance Baily

SimUshare Lets Fire Instructors Go Beyond Imagination With Real Time Fire Effects Over Images & Videos


Recently learned of SimUshare’s Fire Training App, which enables you to add fire and smoke effects to a library of pictures and videos, including the ones you take! I definitely wish we had this app during fire academy, to enable our instructors to help us all be on the same page about what we “imaging” the scenario to be. With real time effects that are completely controllable by the instructor, it is easy to talk about an almost limitless number of simulated fire emergency cases with learners and professionals. I believe the app could also be utilized for pre-planning against possible fire scenarios in difficult locations in your district.

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SimUshare Features:

  • Rapid Creation of Sims: SimsUshare’s user-friendly interface can be easily mastered without extensive training. Basic sims can be created in minutes; more elaborate sims might take just a little longer.
  • Fire Effects: SimsUshare comes with a large palette of special effects including eight kinds of smoke and fire, explosions, hazardous materials, a variety of people (characters) and much more.
  • Modify Effect Parameters: Change the volume, velocity, density, and color of smoke and fire. Show the effect of wind direction and speed. Narrow, widen or flip effects.
  • Masking Effects: With simple masking techniques fire and smoke will appear to come from behind or even inside objects for increased realism.
  • Time Sequencing: Make effects appear or disappear over a period of time. Effects can gradually increase in intensity. Create a developing situation.
  • Incident View Navigation: Use the easy navigation tools to move around all sides of a structure or even inside it. Perform 360s and site inspections as if you were on location.
  • Snapshots: Capture a snapshot during an operation. Use it later for incident review, analysis and critical thinking. Project it on a larger screen for group discussion.
  • Import Images: If you can take a picture of it, you can build a custom simulation around it. You can also import ready-made simulations from expert contributors in fire safety and training.
  • Capture Video: Capture video directly from within the app (iOS only currently). Upload files from mobile devices to your department’s training website.
  • Sharing: Copy your simulations to another device or save them to shared folders or Dropbox. Collaborate on specific training projects. (Network Edition only)

The app is available in a variety of formats for different operating systems. Learn more at the SimUshare website today!

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