September 19, 2022By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare Releases Immersive Studio Software to Enhance Realism in Simulated Scenarios

Oftentimes, clinical simulation educators and others across the industry may find themselves asking how realistic should healthcare simulation-based training be. According to Alinier (2011), the aim of running medical simulation sessions is for participants to acquire experience in a safe environment. One major barrier to providing an array of high-risk or diverse healthcare simulation scenario environments is space, both physical space within a simulation center and access to various clinical sites and disaster response settings. This article shares how Echo Healthcare has helped to mitigate this barrier through the development of the company’s new Immersive Interactive software, Immersive Studio.

This software allows clinical simulation educators to easily create high-quality, fully interactive immersive experiences right in their browsers from a single room. Immersive Studio provides a realistic and engaging training environment for any sort of healthcare simulation scenario and can be scaled from one room to multiple rooms.

“The acquisition of Immersive Interactive is an important step in the evolution of our suite of product offerings, allowing increased market access, an enhanced team, and a further defined value proposition,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare. “Immersive Interactive is a premier organization with a global customer footprint, distribution channels, and a unique and valuable suite of products and services.

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“The opportunity to become part of Echo Healthcare, an innovative company with a noble purpose in health and general education, is great for our employees, our customers, and for the healthcare community as a whole,” added David Salt, co-founder, and partner at Immersive Interactive.

Rather than suspending disbelief, educators can enable their learners to train in a space that mimics real-life training scenarios and become fully engaged with the sights, sounds smells, and touch using this software. Immersive Studio creates a way for them to ultimately train just as they would in that real-life training environment.

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The Immersive Studio platform allows realistic training in any setting- you are only limited by your imagination! Immersive environments can include learners actively participating in simulation scenarios within a realistic operating room to include the sounds and smells of a real OR. Active shooter and mass casualty training, military battlefields, and any high-risk training scenario can also be accomplished within the Immersive Studio software.

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This Echo Healthcare product is ideal for those looking to take their simulated patient from the scene of a car crash to the back of an ambulance, through the ED, and into the operating room, all with the click of a few buttons from their provided tablet. The company’s floor-to-ceiling, high-quality projections can portray these immersive spaces at any existing pace.

Additionally, the new Immersive Studio software provides a web-based solution for easily creating and sharing content. Immersive Studio comes with a library of hundreds of backgrounds, scenes, and exercises or clinical simulation educators can easily create their own representing their local community and patient population. The system provides a highly immersive environment, including impact 360 video, surround audio, even smells, lighting, and other effects to enhance the realism of your training as well.

“We understand the importance of having a user-friendly and flexible platform to create new content and share experiences amongst multiple sites and multiple programs. It’s important in the standardization of training and patient care and why we have put the resources into developing Immersive Studio. You will be impressed,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

Want learners to complete a pre or post-event quiz, review a video or complete a didactic exercise? This can be done directly in an immersive room! Paired with the most highly realistic Lifecast Body Simulation manikins, learners can further engage in the hands-on treatment of their patients while experiencing the same sights, sounds, and smells of their training environment.

Echo Healthcare Redefines Innovation

Echo Healthcare’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education, and simulation technology. Echo Healthcare acquired Immersive Interactive, a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software to expand the company’s healthcare simulation and education offering and further support the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

“By joining two amazing companies together we will immediately realize gains in efficiency, access to resources, and roadmap acceleration,” said Chris Porter, co-founder, and partner at Immersive Interactive.

At Echo Healthcare, the team believes in one simple overarching ethos – a passion for saving lives. The company is redefining service and innovation by improving patient outcomes through education and technology. Echo healthcare brings diverse product lines that complement one another in a meaningful way and can grow as respective healthcare simulation programs expand. Echo Healthcare was founded by a group of passionate simulation experts who bring over 40 years of experience into the marketplace.

More About Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a premier healthcare simulation company with the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes through simulation, education, and innovation. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive clinical simulation products in the world. Comprising over 40 years of combined medical education and medical simulation experience, the professionals at Echo Healthcare are committed to delivering the very best service to their end-users.

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The company is well-versed in the majority of the medical simulator (manikin) operating systems, including both hardware and software. Echo Healthcare’s goal is to eliminate downtime and keep clinical simulators in operational condition. Echo Healthcare understands the impossibility of anticipating every issue that arises with your technology. The company’s aim is to provide end-to-end coverage that stabilizes annual capital equipment maintenance costs and provides unparalleled expert service.

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