June 2, 2021By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare Announces Partnership Agreement with CrossBraining Video Training Tool

On June 1, 2021, Echo Healthcare Inc. announced that the company has signed an agreement with CrossBraining Inc, paving way for an advanced breakthrough in both education and simulation. CrossBraining is a mobile web application that improves skill retention and drives deeper learning. This partnership aligns with Echo Healthcare’s mission to redefine service and innovation by improving patient outcomes through training, education and technology. After being founded by a group of passionate simulation experts who bring over 40 years of experience into the marketplace, the healthcare simulation company continues to take strides ever-improved patient safety across the industry.

“Echo Healthcare’s mission of saving lives through technology makes us natural partners. I’m so proud to get CrossBraining into the hands of medical students across North America.” said Josh Nichols, CEO of CrossBraining.

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The CrossBraining web application achieves this by first having instructors create a segmented lesson. Learners then capture a video and voiceover narration about what they have learned in each step. This brings learning to life and gives instructors short, authentic videos of student learning.

“As a former critical care paramedic educator, I am very excited to partner with CrossBraining and provide our clients with an advanced product suite for enhancing their medical training. We aim to save lives through innovation, education and technology and CrossBraining represents each of those categories uniquely. This partnership truly takes simulation training and education to the next level, and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

Commenting on the partnership, HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily said “As a film-maker I can attest to the power of video editing to provide powerful learning opportunities — the need to plan ahead, the need to record in an efficient manner, and the repetition of cutting scenes together really work to reinforce training. I am extremely impressed with this learning methodology, which I feel turns the current use of video-capture technology for debriefing kind of “on its head” so to speak, making the learner the one who has to use the video systems to demonstrate knowledge — genius!”.

More About Echo Healthcare

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Echo Healthcare is a dynamic medical simulation company focused on improving patient safety through the use of advanced simulation technology. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company is committed to redefining innovation and service by offering tailored solutions to customers. Echo Healthcare represents select, innovative products and services in the field of clinical simulation and education that bring a new level of realism to scenario-based medical education, including realistic patient manikins, patient masks, simulated patient monitors, simulated virtual environments, simulation technical support services and more.

Echo Healthcare was founded by a group of passionate healthcare simulation experts who bring over 40 years of experience into the marketplace. Together, this team has created a “circle of innovation” by bringing diverse product lines that complement one another and can grow as your programs expand. The company believes programs should be built around a client’s needs and not restricted by the limitations of a clinical simulator. Thus, Echo Healthcare provides solutions that can be tailored to client educational needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Echo Healthcare actively engaged in and extended help to local health authorities and healthcare facilities in their time of need. The company recognizes that there is a need for medical equipment, both disposable and non disposable. To this end, Echo Healthcare offered up technology and expertise, including 3D printing and manufacturing, to support efforts to create such products as ventilator circuit adapters and splitters.

More About CrossBraining

CrossBraining is an e-learning company founded in 2017 with a mission to help every learner flourish. The CrossBraining platform helps educators bring personalized, experiential learning to scale with research-backed pedagogy. Committed to bringing learning to life, CrossBraining’s patented process has transformed hands-on learning to improve skill retention and deeper learning, while also instilling 21st century skills.

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