June 1, 2022By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare Acquires Immersive Interactive to Accelerate Delivery of Medical Simulation

In staying up-to-date with the world’s latest healthcare simulation news, HealthySimulation.com often shares acquisition updates from prominent vendors across the industry. Most recently, the healthcare simulation company, Echo Healthcare, announced the acquisition of an educational software company, Immersive Interactive. Through this acquisition, Echo Healthcare will significantly expand the company’s medical simulation and education offerings to further support the mission to save patient lives and improve patient safety through innovation, education, and technology. This HealthySimulation.com article further details this acquisition, and what the news means for clinical simulation educators and learners across the globe.

According to Echo Healthcare, the acquisition of Immersive Interactive complements the circle of innovation the company has sought to establish since its inception. Immersive Interactive will now serve as a part of Echo Healthcare while maintaining offices and continuing to develop and support the Immersive Interactive product line in the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of the world. Beginning immediately, the two now synonymous companies will work toward a shared vision of creating the world’s premier immersive interactive simulation spaces.

“The acquisition of Immersive Interactive is an important step in the evolution of our suite of product offerings, allowing increased market access, enhanced team, and a further defined value proposition,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

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Immersive Interactive is a premier organization with a global customer footprint, distribution channels, and a unique and valuable suite of products and services. King emphasized that Echo Healthcare is pleased to add that the joining of the two companies does not result in the loss of any jobs. Rather, this acquisition will help pace the way toward avenues for more opportunities than ever before.

“The opportunity to become part of Echo Healthcare, an innovative company with a noble purpose in health and general education, is great for our employees, our customers, and for the healthcare community as a whole,” added David Salt, co-founder, and partner at Immersive Interactive.

“By joining two amazing companies together we will immediately realize gains in efficiency, access to resources, and roadmap acceleration” added Chris Porter, co-founder, and partner at Immersive Interactive. Both Chris and David will be joining Echo Healthcare in senior leadership positions, and the entire team at Immersive will be joining Echo Healthcare to redefine the international value proposition.”

Ultimately, the deal provides an exit for Immersive’s institutional investor Mercia Asset Management plc. Mercia first backed Immersive Interactive in 2013, using funding from the North West Fund for Venture Capital and later via the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund.

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About Immersive Interactive

Founded in 2012 by David Salt and Chris Porter, Immersive Interactive has partnered with leading healthcare simulation and educational organizations and companies to deliver the most effective experiences for simulation clients and remain at the forefront of immersive simulation technology. Immersive Interactive is a global leader and provider of interactive classrooms and
virtual simulation spaces with over 350 installs of schools and training institutions. With clients worldwide from medical, mainstream education, and SEN sectors, each space is tailor-made and provided with bespoke, localized content.

About Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a premier healthcare simulation company with the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes through simulation, education, and innovation. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive clinical simulation products in the world. Comprising over 40 years of combined medical education and medical simulation experience, the professionals at Echo Healthcare are committed to delivering the very best service to their end-users.

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The company is well-versed in the majority of the medical simulator (manikin) operating systems, including both hardware and software. Echo Healthcare’s goal is to eliminate downtime and keep clinical simulators in operational condition. Echo Healthcare understands the impossibility of anticipating every issue that arises with your technology. The company’s aim is to provide end-to-end coverage that stabilizes annual capital equipment maintenance costs and provides unparalleled expert service.

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