November 18, 2014

KWICKScreen Creates Mobile Temporary Walls for Increased Simulation Fidelity

At ASPiH 2014 Nottingham I had a chance to see some new innovative products in the medical simulation space. One such product was the KWICK Screen, which is a versatile mobile wall which can help to section off areas or add background settings to help increase fidelity. After seeing the product in person [...]

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November 6, 2012

What Can Medical Simulation Learn from Scuba Diving?

Recreational scuba diving provides us an amazing opportunity to explore the world’s sea life up to a maximum depth of 120 feet.  While hundreds of thousands of people enjoy scuba diving safely every-day all around the globe, the sport is not without serious risks.  Decompression sickness, narcosis, wildlife dangers and suffocation [...]

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