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April 4, 2014

Road Blocks to Technology Transformation in Healthcare

As a simulation champion reading this website, I consider you an early-adopter. Countless presentations at medical simulation conferences over the past ten years have reminded us that we are “pioneers”, “innovators” and “early-adopters” who must face a brunt of scorn and dismissal from the early-majority and late majority groups. While medical simulation is a large [...]

April 1, 2014

Medical Simulation Program Administrators: "Dealing with Healthcare Simulation IT Issues" Session Free for One Week Only!

If you manage or coordinate a healthcare simulation lab program then this is no April fool’s joke!

We continue to celebrate yesterday’s 500th article on by sharing here the 2-Hour HD recorded session from HealthySimAdmin on IT Issues & Structures for Healthcare Simulation Program Administrators, led by James Cypert, Technology Director for California [...]

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