SimRated Offers Procedural Training Solution From Learning Through Assessment

SimRated is an education, assessment and tracking business that specializes in medical procedures.  At the 2018 American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting,  an abstract entitled “Asynchronous Learning/Simulation Assessment and Procedural Confidence,” described the improvement in Anesthesiology residents’ confidence scores following procedural training and assessment through the SimRated platform. Today we take a closer look at the company and their simulated training solutions, who mission is to improve patient safety by training healthcare practitioners to perform medical procedures in the safest and effective manner.

About SimRated

SimRated is a complete solution for simulation-based medical procedure training. They provide an online platform which combines procedural education with simulation-based assessment and clinical tracking. SimRated uniquely provides online medical procedure curriculum, videos demonstrating the procedure, critical action checklists and the opportunity to upload videos of learners performing each procedure for evaluation and feedback from expert clinicians. If learners pass the multi-component evaluation, they advance to the clinical setting for tracked evaluation by supervising clinicians. SimRated can integrate with existing simulation environment or users can purchase equipment solutions through SimRated.

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SimRated was started by Cameron Ricks MD RN in January of 2016 in response to the current training method for medical procedures which is observation, supervised practice and then teach the next trainee (see one, do one, teach one). Dr. Ricks saw the need for standardized education, evaluation and tracking of medical procedure training. The solution is a web-based multi-component platform which allows medical practitioners to read about each procedure, observe video on how to perform the procedure, perform the procedure in a simulation environment, be evaluated by SimRated expert evaluators, and track performance.

SimRated Provides Procedural Competency Support

Understanding the procedure: Learners log onto our web-based platform and are provided with reading materials which cover the procedural anatomy, indications, contraindication and complications. Once the participant has read about the procedure, they must pass an online exam to advance.

Learning how to do the procedure: Once the online exam is passed, the learner will view a video of the procedure being performed. Accompanying the video is a checklist with critical action items listed. This step standardizes the teaching of the procedure, allows for repeated viewing of the procedure and is accessible anytime for just in time review. Learners can now go to a simulation center and practice the procedure utilizing the video and checklist.

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Performing the procedure in the simulated environment: When the learner is prepared, they will report to a SimRated simulation center for a simulated based-evaluation. Here it is determined if the learner can truly do the procedure. In the simulation environment, the learner will put on a head-mounted camera and perform the procedure on a mannequin or task trainer. The procedure will be recorded and then uploaded to the SimRated platform for evaluation by trained raters.  The learner will then receive a pass or fail score, based on the provided critical action items, in addition to narrative feedback from the rater.

Tracking in the clinical environment: Following a passing score in the simulated environment learners can track their supervised procedures on patients in the clinical area. Each time the learner completes a procedure, they log it into the SimRated platform and an email to verify whether the procedure was done correctly or not is sent to the supervising clinician. Once verified, it is updated on the platform with the attestation.

SimRated Courses Offered Include:

  • Airway Management
  • Arterial Line Placement
  • Central Line Placement
  • Epidural
  • IV Placement
  • Surgical Hand Scrub
  • Vital Signs
  • And Custom Solutions…

SimRated provides a platform for asynchronous learning, simulation summative assessment and transparent clinical tracking.  SimRated can allow educators to effectively and efficiently reach many participants. Educators can then focus on formative assessments and teaching the nuances of each procedure. Educators can access the platform to see reports on the progress of their learners.

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