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Top Healthcare Simulation Conference Recaps of 2022

Each year, various healthcare simulation organizations worldwide coordinate a clinical simulation conference to provide simulationists and learners from across the industry with educational opportunities. These medical simulation events also serve as a place for simulation technicians, simulation educators, and other simulation professionals to network. Coming together to learn more about clinical simulation benefits the entire healthcare simulation community. By learning together and from others in within space, the field of healthcare simulation is better positioned to advance toward greater inclusivity. This HealthySimulation.com article recaps some of the best healthcare simulation events from 2022.

Many of the events below were hosted by major healthcare simulation organizations worldwide. This includes the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH), the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, the International Nursing Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning, SimGHOSTS, Simulation Canada, the National League for Nursing, and more. Often, by attending an organization-specific conference, simulationists can better identify the topics that will be discussed. For example, the NLN primarily addresses nursing simulation and how clinical simulation training can better prepare nursing learners for the field.

If one or more of the healthcare simulation conference recaps below is of interest, visit our Healthcare Simulation Events page to determine if there will be a 2023 version of that event.

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IMSH 2022: Healthcare Simulation Conference Roundup

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH), last year’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) provided an opportunity for healthcare simulation champions from around the world to come together. IMSH 2022 remained a hybrid event as planned, taking place in person and virtually from January 15 to January 19, 2022, in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Last year year, SSH welcomed more than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,200 registered simulationists! This HealthySimulation.com article shares recaps of each day’s session, as reported by Elizabeth Wells-Beede, Ph.D., RN, C-EFM, CNE, CHSE-A, as well as several clinical simulation vendor updates.

IMSH 2022 Daily Event Coverage:

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Recap: Champions of Simulation Virtual CE/CME Symposium 2022

HealthySimulation.com announced the first-ever Champions of Simulation Virtual CE/CME Symposium in 2022! As the world’s leading healthcare simulation resource website, HealthySimulation.com is extremely grateful to all those who took the time to present, and those who joined as participants. Together, the insight that was shared through this incredible event brought together so many of the industry’s movers and shakers, helping us advance together toward a future that prioritizes clinical simulation in a way like never before. This HealthySimualtion.com article shares some of the highlights from the event. All recordings are currently available for viewing upon purchase registration.

World Patient Safety, Science, and Technology Summit 2022: Zeroing in on Medical Errors

People make mistakes. When those people are physicians, nurses, or other healthcare professionals, mistakes can lead to patient harm or death. Medical errors claim the lives of over 3,000,000 patients every year. Globally, avoidable mistakes by healthcare professionals are believed to kill more people than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis, combined. Some estimates predict that one in 12 patients is impacted by a preventable medical error, but that number could be even higher as there is no central database tracking these figures in most countries, including the United States. This article recaps the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF)’s 2022 World Patient Safety, Science, and Technology Summit and shares how the conference addressed zeroing in on medical errors.

INACSL 2022 Conference Recap: Advancing Nursing Simulation with a ‘Stronger Together’ Mindset

Each year, the INACSL Conference serves as a leading forum for healthcare simulation professionals, researchers, and vendors to provide the ideal environment to gain and disseminate current, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of skills, simulation operations, and applications in an evidenced-based venue. Last year’s conference was the first in-person event following the COVID19 pandemic and focused on the theme “Stronger Together, taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosting over 700 nursing simulation champions from around the world.

With 14 workshops, over 50 educational sessions, 60+ poster presentations, more than 25 exhibitors, and more than 15 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits, INACSL offered valuable experiences, concepts, and networking opportunities. HealthySimulation.com was requested to support INACSL’s new Media Center in the exhibit hall, providing exclusive interviews with the non-profit’s leadership and key industry representatives. Stay tuned for those recorded conversations soon, but in the meantime, here is a recap of the key updates from #INACSL22, starting with the Hayden Vanguard Lectureship keynote lecture by Shelby Garner, Ph.D., RN, CNE on “An Innovative International Collaboration to Build a Program of Nursing Simulation Education and Research in India.”

SimGHOSTS 2022 Healthcare Simulation Conference Coverage

Each year, the Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) hosts a healthcare simulation conference to bring the spectrum of simulation professionals together to improve learner and patient outcomes. The 2022 event, themed “Embracing Connection: Creativity and Community in a Changing World,” highlighted the use of technology and virtual environments in simulation programs. The in-person event was hosted by Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing and was also designed to elevate healthcare simulation delivery with hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and oral presentations delivered by the SimGHOSTS community. This HealthySimulation.com article provides SimGHOSTS 2022 coverage from HealthySimulation.com Founder and CEO Lance Baily.

NLN Education Summit 2022 Continues to Expand Nursing Simulation Presentations

The 2022 National League for Nursing (NLN) Education Summit took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was attended by over 1,200 nursing education champions from around the world. As with previous years, the NLN Summit continued to expand presentations and resource support for those focusing on nursing simulation development. This HealthySimulation.com article provided event highlights, session recaps, and additional information about the 2022 NLN Education Summit. The 2022 NLN Summit is designed to focus on the need for nurses and nurse educators to be responsive and proactive in addressing climate change, health equity, and sustainability in managing global health and wellness for society.

Simulation Canada Sim Expo 2022 Provides Real Impact to Global Audience

The Simulation Canada Sim Expo 2022 event returned in person following the COVID pandemic in Toronto, Canada with hundreds of Healthcare Simulation champions from around the world coming together for two days of key addresses, workshops, networking events, product demonstrations, and more. HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily was on hand to capture the event in this article, as well as to sign an ongoing Media Partnership with the non-profit organization for continued support for years to come. Reflecting on the first in-person Sim Expo event since the pandemic, organization President and CEO Dr. Timothy Willett exclaimed, “How good it feels to be personally reconnecting with members of this amazing community!”

Saudi Health Simulation Conference Celebrates 5th Year with Entire Week of Events

The 5th Saudi Health Simulation Conference (SHSC) opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to hundreds of healthcare simulation champions from across the country, region, and the world, which was attended by the Minister of Health Saudi Arabia, Fahad bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel. Chairman of the Supreme Committee Deputy Minister for Human Resources Mr. Abdulrahman A. Alaiban opened the event, welcoming clinical simulation champions to five days of powerful keynote presentations, immersive workshops, networking events, vendor demonstrations, research updates, and more. HealthySimulation.com was invited to Riyadh to cover the event with updates shared in this article, and as well will be updated throughout the week via the official hashtag #SHSC_2022. The premiere event returned after a two-year hiatus following COVID and celebrated its 5th year with 5 days of innovative content, providing over 15 plenary sessions, 40 workshops, an innovative hackathon event, several competitions, and 160 CME hours!

IPSSV2022: Creating Safer Care Through Human Factors in Pediatric Simulation

A human factors approach to pediatric simulation can be used to refocus and gain a deeper understanding of the designs, systems, and processes that may impact the delivery of quality care. Thus, human factors are integral to better supporting the safety and quality of all patients, especially pediatric patients. To convey this message and provide insight into creating safer care through human factors in pediatric simulation, the International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) hosted The International Pediatric Simulation Symposium – Virtual (IPSSV) on November 9, 2022. Healthcare simulationists from around the world gathered on their computers to learn how to make healthcare safer by viewing clinical simulation through a human factors’ lens. This HealthySimulation.com article, written by Jeanne Carey, RN-CHSE-A, shares insights and takeaways from the pediatric simulation event, including 10 lessons learned.

SIMex 2022 | Clinical Simulation: Transforming Element of the Educational Process

Designed to serve as an opportunity for the healthcare simulation community to grow professionally together with academic experts in clinical simulation-based education for health sciences, the National Autonomous University of Mexico hosted the international healthcare simulation conference, SIMex, from November 15 to November 18, 2022, in Mexico City, Mexico. The conference was organized to help learners generate new ways of perceiving the world through three dimensions: cognitive, self-confidence, and behavioral. HealthySimulation.com Founder and CEO Lance Baily was in attendance at last year’s SIMex conference and shares key takeaways from the event in this article.

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