March 18, 2014By Lance Baily

Low Cost & Low Resource Healthcare Simulation Group

Are you interested in highlighting your work with or supporting the development of low cost or low resource simulation program or equipment? Then you must stop by

low cost healthcare simulation

Kam McCowan, Paramedic Intern & Simulation Technology Specialist, recently started LowCostSim.Org – a website dedicated to promoting Low Cost & Low Resource Healthcare Simulation program and simulator development. While still in the early stages, if you have interest in this topic Kam and this website are the place to be!

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About the project:

“This website is an online home for anyone interested in promoting low-cost healthcare simulation, both open-source and commercially developed, and in expanding the use of healthcare simulation techniques in low-resource environments.”

Resources include a list of published articles revolving around low cost simulation development projects, a call for a Low Cost Build Competition for IMSH 2015, and a new discussion group.

Learn more at: !

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