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The Sim Cafe: Healthcare Simulation Podcast Features Expert Interviews

The healthcare simulation industry is constantly evolving, with new standards, best practices, and technologies arising each year. To help the clinical simulation community stay up-to-date on what others are seeing and experiencing across the field, Deb Tauber MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN, founded The Sim Cafe podcast. Produced by the team at Innovative SimSolutions, this podcast features interviews with subject matter experts from across the globe to redefine clinical education and the use of healthcare simulation. In this article, speaks with Tauber about her mission and goals as they relate to the podcast.

According to Tauber, her idea for the podcast began after she was selected by DePaul University to join a cohort of women’s entrepreneurs who focus on Acceleration of Women Entrepreneurs, Women’s Entrepreneurs Institute (WEI). One of the Founding women recommended the book “Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You” by John Warrillow. In the book, Warrillow discusses how his parents would drag him along to the entrepreneur conferences. This is how came up with the idea to write his book and then start a series of podcasts. After reading this book, she started following his Podcasts. Tauber says she realized that, given her network of simulationists, she could produce informative and interesting healthcare simulation podcasts and share the collective knowledge.

“The goal is to help people understand more about healthcare simulation and where exactly it is now,” Tauber explained. “The podcast was set up to be something that someone could just listen to in bite-sized chunks to learn something about clinical simulation Also so they could hear insights from experts from around the globe.”

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She added that when designing this podcast, she wanted something that was going to be tender in some ways. This is because she has a lot of both clinical experience and healthcare simulation experience, having worked in the emergency department for 25 years.

Tauber shared that she always asks the same questions, asking about each interviewee’s journey, favorite clinical simulation, and where they see the future of healthcare simulation heading, and how they see Telehealth coming into this space. The Sim Cafe interviews also feature discussions on innovative ideas for clinical simulation and expanding the use of healthcare simulation in medical education. Tauber additionally leads conversations about the most current trends across medical simulation. Here is a list of her current podcast episodes:

In episode four of The Sim Cafe, Tauber interviews Founder and CEO Lance Baily. They discuss Baily’s journey from Hollywood to Healthcare, and his epiphany moment when he first saw SimMan Classic. Further, Tauber shares her appreciation for Baily, as he has provided much support over the years. Listen in as two entrepreneurs discuss clinical simulation!

“Lance is one of the biggest subject matter experts,” Tauber said. “Like the work he is doing, I think that we need to have more interoperability and more working together and recognizing and respecting each other’s expertise so that we can move together to improve simulation globally.”

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Moving forward, Tauber has more exciting Sim Cafe podcast episodes planned – including one featuring KT Waxman, Laura Gonzalez, and Suzie Kardong-Edgren. Her goal is to produce two podcast episodes a month through the remainder of 2021, with editing assistance from Shelly Houser from Abilities in Motion.

“The feedback has been truly phenomenal,” Tauber said.

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More About Deb Tauber

Debra Tauber RN, MSN, CHSE, CEN, graduated with her BSN from Loyola University and her MSN in Executive Leadership from Chamberlain University. She has 28 years of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care experience which included education and leadership roles. Deb was instrumental in supporting the pursuit of a Level 1 Trauma designation for the organization. She then transitioned to post-acute care as the Director of a local nursing home facility and included the use of telehealth for client acuity triage.

Deb realized her passion for education and training and joined Chamberlain University as a simulation educator and was then promoted to national manager. She recognized the value of experiential learning and how it has a more powerful impact on learner engagement and the effectiveness of participant outcomes. Deb had the opportunity to translate the value of simulation across many locations in the US using standardized experiences and learning objectives. She also developed simulation training for faculty and staff according to best practice standards.

Deb’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit focus on the role of simulation for adult learning as well as telehealth. She is an active member of The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) where she serves as a member of the accreditation council, chair of the risk management subcommittee, and participates as an active SSH accreditation site reviewer. In 2017, Deb founded Innovative SimSolutions and has consulted for over 50 hospitals, medical, and nursing schools. One of the educational focus areas included Telehealth courses for continuing education credit recognizing the importance of telemedicine across all disciplines in healthcare. She also produces podcasts on simulation featuring known subject matter experts from across the globe. The Sim Cafe can be found on most podcast stations.

More About Innovative SimSolutions

Innovative SimSolutions helps medical professionals learn about simulation and other current topics for promoting excellence in healthcare education. Now more than ever, with the pandemic, simulation and telehealth are some of the most sought-after practices in the medical field. This is why the company is working to redefine clinical simulation education.

In addition to asynchronous 4 hour CE credit training, the team at Innovative SimSolutions provides consulting services to schools who are interested in starting or expanding their simulation space, and training faculty. They are passionate about helping hospitals, schools and professionals include empathy in their practice. The company believes the question is not, “What’s the matter with you?” but rather, “What matters to you?”

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