January 9, 2017

New Healthcare Simulation Podcast Interviews HealthySimulation Founder Regarding Benefits of Video Production

Hey Sim Champs! An awesome new healthcare simulation resource for you to check out today from our friends at Simulcast: Victoria Brazil and Jesse Spur! In these ad hoc mini-episodes the team attempts to “pause and discuss” a topic of interest in the simulation community, highlight upcoming conferences, grab vox pop style interviews with [...]

May 11, 2016

MedicCast Podcast Explores Healthcare Simulation Industry

Recently the famous MedicCast podcast provided an update of the growth of the healthcare simulation industry, and need for specialized simulation training for EMS programs integrating these technologies. Check out this awesome podcast and then learn more about the ProMed Podcast network which also covers Nursing, Disaster Response, and other key healthcare areas.

Listen [...]

January 14, 2016

HealthySimulation.com Founder & Entrepreneur Lance Baily Interviewed by Modern Outcomes

Last month HealthySimulation.com founder and Simulation Evangelist Lance Baily was interviewed via podcast by Matthew Stoltz of Modern Outcomes. The podcast covered Lance’s background and journey into medical simulation, his career, and the many entrepreneurial simulation projects he helped to create including HealthySimulation.com and SimGHOSTS.org.

What You Will Learn:

How SimGHOSTS tackles core issues facing technical simulation [...]

December 3, 2015

Medical Simulation "Firing on All Cylinders": A Podcast Interview with Dr. John Schaefer – Part 2

Yesterday we shared Part 1 of Modern Outcomes podcast interview with Dr. John Schaefer — well today we are completing the series with part 2!

What is driving your simulation product or program? What is the value of using automated simulators that come with higher price tags? Let’s talk about standardization, costs, validity, and [...]

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