February 22, 2021By Roxanne Blanford

IMSH 2021: CAE Healthcare Immersive Training Solutions Highlights

CAE Healthcare has presented a smorgasbord of indispensable clinical simulation training solutions to the 2021 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) during the 11-week virtual conference thus far. These forward-looking innovations undeniably demonstrate CAE’s mission to transform healthcare simulation through reliable education technology. To fulfill this mission, the company has worked to expand upon a portfolio of technologically-advanced simulation-based training resources to meet the evolving needs of healthcare education. During IMSH Delivers: Bringing Simulation to Life, CAE Healthcare highlighted a number of the medical simulation innovations helping to spearhead this evolution. Here are a few event highlights to date:

CAE SimEquip Medical Device Simulators: The latest addition to CAE’s Hybrid Learning Solutions portfolio, CAE SimEquip, is a collection of realistic training tools for hands-on practice in prehospital and in-hospital ventilation, anesthesia, and cardiac resuscitation. Compatible with CAE Maestro patient simulation software, CAE SimEquip medical device simulators help build team competency and skills proficiency through gradual exposure to increasingly advanced training scenarios — with or without a manikin and/or instructor-led controls.

CAE Aria, New Pediatric Patient Simulator: A physiologically-modeled patient simulator that realistically represents a six-year-old child, the new CAE Aria provides advanced pediatric simulation training so healthcare providers can perform at their best when time is of the essence. CAE Aria’s advanced lung mechanics and active bleeding system allow for training in essential pediatric care scenarios, from assessment and basic clinical skills to complex interventions. Clinicians develop critical decision-making skills in a realistic learning environment. Fully gender interchangeable, Aria is wireless and tetherless for maximum healthcare training possibilities.

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CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite, Cloud-Based Virtual Training: Designed to simplify remote education in healthcare, CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite allows virtual delivery of simulation training (Standardized Patient (SP) management, objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) scheduling, manikin-based sessions, lectures, and presentations). A hardware-light software as a service solution for end-to-end and hassle-free virtual simulation management, LearningSpace Lite makes remote teaching easier and more secure. Learners are able to train effectively through an online platform that is accessible from almost any location.

CAE Vimedix 3.1, Ultrasound Learning with Remote Training Capabilities: CAE Vimedix, a high-fidelity simulator that facilitates the learning process for cardiac, lung, abdominal, and Ob/Gyn ultrasound — all on one common platform — has been improved for immersive training within remote education environments. CAE Vimedix 3.1 is designed with instructional content that can be customized based on specific teaching objectives and easily accessed via livestream or web conferencing platforms. Vimedix 3.1 offers flexible and engaging functions that enhance an educator’s ability to manage effective distance learning.

CAE Maestro Evolve, Intuitive Solution for Virtual Learning in Healthcare: As a solution to the need for viable options to maintain quality healthcare training during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, CAE Healthcare developed a new virtual solution, CAE Maestro Evolve. Maestro Evolve includes a simulated patient room with virtual medical equipment and features CAE Embody, CAE Healthcare’s versatile virtual patient. CAE Embody has the most advanced physiology available today and is integrated within a friendly interface that allows users to get started on training right away.

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More About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare, a division of Canadian-based CAE, is among world leaders in developing cutting-edge healthcare simulation learning tools for today’s professional healthcare providers. The company strives to deliver educational tools that best help healthcare professionals provide safe, high quality patient care. CAE Healthcare has an extraordinarily vast area of simulated products, ranging from manikins, interventional and imaging systems, and AV recording / debriefing / learning management systems.

CAE acquired METI (Medical Education Technologies Inc.) in 2011 to bolster the CAE Healthcare brand. The company is now part of a team of over 7,500 employees in over 25 countries supporting more than 6,000 of its patient simulators. Besides serving the primary care and EMS fields in the United States and numerous other countries such as CAE Healthcare Japan, the corporation also supports military training units around the world.

As one of the original innovators of medical simulation technology, CAE Healthcare continues to innovate new learning products and solutions that support the world’s healthcare industry. The company has also expanded to include learning modules, or simulation scenario-based learning curricula, to help train your healthcare students or working professionals. Their healthcare simulation-based scenarios range from pediatric and adult nursing to ACLS and disaster medical readiness, to name just a few. CAE Healthcare helps debrief a simulation training of clinical skills with METIVision, a comprehensive recording and digital playback learning solution.

Learn More About CAE Healthcare at IMSH 2021

Today’s article was guest authored by Roxanne Blanford, Writer, CAE Healthcare at CAE Healthcare.

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