May 3, 2019By Lance Baily

Our 9 Most Popular Medical Simulation Posts From 2019 So Far

Happy Friday Sim Champs! Today as we start to prepare for a Summer of Simulation Conferences around the world we look back to the first half of 2019 to share the most popular medical simulation articles of the website thus far. From Debriefing templates and job descriptions, to key term definitions, ROI frameworks, innovative teaching strategies and best of lists — make sure to catch up on these top 9 articles from 2019 so far!

Pre-Briefing Guide & Template: Prebriefing is an important component of healthcare simulation which should be planned along with the simulation scenario development and debriefing activities. This checklist can serve as a reminder about the core functionalities and steps required to ensure for successful simulation activities. Items range from reviewing the code of conduct and confidentiality of simulation scenario, describing roles and expectations of roles to be assigned including confederates, reviewing required video or other audiovisual materials, as well as covers orientation to the manikin, sim room, equipment, supplies, medication administration/scanning equipment, and many more!

Healthcare Simulation Page: Looking to share more about just what simulation is exactly with learners, faculty, or administrators? Healthcare Simulation is the modern way to educate and train healthcare professionals to master cognitive, technical, and behavioral skill sets through technologically advanced crafted experiences. This style of experiential learning enables professionals and learners to practice and test their profession while building confidence in their abilities, prior to working in real world scenarios. This page is a useful way to share basic information about the methodology.

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Medical Simulation Debriefing Template (From UW): Debriefing with Good Judgment is a debriefing theory developed by Rudolph, Simon, Dufresne and Raemer in 2006. The method is based on the idea that learners must reflect on their own actions to identify existing work practices/routines and their own assumptions. Without such self-review, learners are closed to changes and thus may continue with ineffective habits.

Simulation Technician Job Description (Intro Level): A Simulation Technician/Technologist works in the field of healthcare simulation supporting the many technical aspects of medical simulation. Here, we take a look at the general entry level requirements of a Sim Tech position and provide a downloadable template for your program to use as a starting point. The World’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to Sim Techs SimGHOSTS refers to the profession as Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, based on a DACUM job description review produced by the California Healthcare Workforce Initiative in 2010. (Learn more about the SimGHOSTS 2019 Miami and Singapore events to train in healthcare simulation technologies!)

Blindfolding Clinical Simulation Learners Improves Team Leader PerformanceBet you didn’t see this article coming! Here we look at a new study entitled “Effects of Blindfold on Leadership in Pediatric Resuscitation Simulation: A Randomized Trial” from Frontiers in Pediatrics demonstrated the same learning works in more controlled clinical environments too like simulation centers — demonstrating an 11% increase in leadership skills of Pediatric Team Leaders in resuscitation scenarios. Learn how having a blindfolded leader also requires other team members to improve their communication skills overall.

ROI Framework for Healthcare Simulation: Although the role of medical simulation in improving patient safety outcomes and healthcare education is well established, the Return on Investment (ROI) for healthcare simulation activities is sometimes harder to quantify. A recent complex article by Bukhari, Andreatta, Goldiez and Rabelon (2017) provides a detailed methodology for determining the monetary return on investment for medical simulation. The authors were interested in creating a new framework which could used to measure not only tangible and quantitative benefits of simulation but the intangible and qualitative benefits as well, which we cover here.

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Top 50 Healthcare Simulation Articles of 2018: Every year we compile the absolute must-read Top 50 Healthcare Simulation Articles and pages of the previous year, helping you connect to the most popular and helpful content HealthySim has to offer! In this article recap we were happy to announce the Top 50 Medical Simulation Articles of 2018! From the latest career descriptions to the most helpful how-to tutorials from the year, and from leading product innovations to acclaimed conference coverage, HealthySim has you covered with the most important simulation articles from the year.

IV Fluids for Simulation with Bag Template: This article, which focuses on the basics of hypovolemia, is part 7 of a series of articles entitled Physiology, The Force Behind Simulation – A Guide for Sim Techs (full series linked inside). Healthcare simulation fidelity is a key component for successful simulation. When IV fluids and infusion equipment such as tubing and pumps are used in a simulation, the equipment and labels should match those found in practice. This will enhance learning and ultimately improve patient safety.

How VR is Changing Healthcare Education & Training – Latest News: Scouring the web for the best medical simulation content we have come across numerous articles which focus on Virtual Reality (VR) technologies in Medicine and Healthcare that we are sharing here. VR is a crucial technology for medical simulation in that it will help to bridge the gap between classroom experiences and high stakes high-fidelity simulation experiences which are extremely expensive to operate. In the future, VR headsets will enable learners to plug in from almost anywhere, to train through any scenario with an endless number of participants located all over the world.

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