January 10, 2019By Lance Baily

ASPIH Vendor Video: Collaborative Simulation Scenario Authoring with iRIS

Yet another must-see simulation technology from ASPIH 2018, today we examine iRIS: an intuitive, collaborative, simulation scenario authoring platform which can work with almost any manikin brand. Imagine having one collaborative simulation scenario development software which could easily convert your simulation experiences into almost any high fidelity patient simulator’s technology with the click of a button?

With built in pathways to utilize the latest standards of best practice like those from INACSL, iRIS can help to enable your healthcare institution to faster adopt and integrate simulation scenarios into your learning curriculum. We got an opportunity to interview Gary Taylor about the rapid adoption of the platform by industry and organization alike with the video below!

iRIS is a unique, collaborative, web-based platform to help you design high quality scenarios / cases that offer the best learning experience possible, as well as helping you get the best value from the investments you have made in simulation resources. Over 1,000 simulation professionals author using the iRIS Health Simulation Authoring Platform.

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Whether you are building simulation using task trainers, high fidelity manikins, or standardized patients, iRIS will support you in developing the highest quality scenario / case. iRIS provides a web-based, standardized development template with single-click access to all resources required to deliver scenarios / cases.

“Thanks to iRIS we have been able to achieve equity of access to high quality educational material whilst creating a system that allows educational governance, collaborative development of high quality educational material and sharing of resources. iRIS addresses the re-inventing the wheel phenomenon that often exists in the Simulation and Education community”, says Dr. David Grant, Associate Dean of Health Education England South West, Chair of Bristol Medical Simulation Centre and President of SESAM.

iRIS Features Benefit Your Program Through:

  • Development: Create high quality content ensuring your content is developed in a standardized, high quality manner.
  • Utilization:  Creating significant efficiencies in terms of the time required for authoring content and collating simulation resources
  • Time Management: Reducing the time and effort required to train colleagues in the authoring of content.
  • Engagement: Building engagement with a wider range of clinicians to harness their expertise in developing new content.
  • Collaboration: Driving the collaboration and sharing of content with other simulation professionals.
  • Training: Provide support for new simulation authors with step-by-step guidance that is easily accessible.
  • Oversight: Map course and scenario / case to any desired frameworks.

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About the TWME8 Team Who Developed iRIS

iRIS has been developed by TWME8, a UK based software company, focussed on healthcare solutions to both public and private sector organizations around the world. Alex Clark founded the company with a single mission: To deliver innovative, highly engaging software solutions that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare.

Over the last five years TWME8 has worked closely with the NHS in the UK to develop iRIS. With clients and partners across the world, iRIS has now evolved into a truly global product. The goal of iRIS is to ultimately improve patient safety. They do this by aligning iRIS authoring processes with leading industry standards and frameworks around the world. iRIS is currently used by a significant and growing number of simulation professionals and today is the collaboration platform of choice for a number of Simulation Associations.

Visit the iRIS Website Today to Learn More!

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