March 18, 2016By Lance Baily

Dyslexia Simulator Demonstrates the Challenges of Reading to Healthcare Learners

dyslexia simulator

Wouldn’t it be great if healthcare learners could actually experience the world of our patients? This amazing github webpage allows instructors to share with their courses a small taste of what it feels like to experience Dyslexia. The javascript page randomly moves parts of words around to produce a constantly changing landscape, demonstrating the challenge those who suffer from Dyslexia must face every day.

Page Excerpt: “A frneid who has dsyeixla dbeercisd to me how she eneecxepirs riaedng. She can read, but it tkeas a lot of cttacenoonirn, and the lteerts semes to jump aonrud.”

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You have to try this website for yourself to get the full experience, which you can do here.

Happy Friday Simulation Champs!

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