February 10, 2015By Lance Baily

'Born To Be Alive Birthing' VR Simulator Educates Patients and Healthcare Learners

birth vr simulator

Showcasing some awesome VR technology, “Born to Be Alive” is a french birthing simulation system to provide new mothers, clinical students and healthcare professionals with a better way to learn about birthing scenarios.This 3D Experience was designed by iLumens, the Medical Teaching University Laboratory at the University of Paris-Descartes in partnership with Dassault Systèmes and its brands 3DVIA and Swym. The following groups also supported the development of this 3d project: Fondation de coopération scientifique, assistance publique hopitaux de paris, société française de médecine périnatale and collège national des gynécologues et obstétriciens français.

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About Born To Be Alive

“Born To Be Alive is a realistic, interactive, educational serious game aimed at the largest possible audience which allows you to test your knowledge of different topics such as pregnancy, labor, postpartum care and much more by taking you through a variety of storyline scenarios.

3D modeling and simulation have, for several decades, enabled companies to create, optimize and manufacture their products with a physical representation that matches reality. Meanwhile, the global video game market has proved, within massive multi-player online environments, the advantages provided by scripts and artistic representations of imaginary virtual worlds. By bringing these two concepts together on a Cloud collaborative platform, developing new innovative 3D uses and publishing global 3D experiences on different terminals has never been easier.

That’s how Dassault Systems came to re-inject physically-exact 3D simulations, which used to be limited to professional users, into experiences made for a much larger audience, accessible from web browser or tablets. 3D Experiences, also known as Serious Games, open the world to new uses, such as communication and experiential marketing, documentation, training and education.

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Learning by doing in a virtual world also provides a better retention of information. For instance, in the medical sector, living a 3D Experience as a virtual patient helps ones understand how to treat others more efficiently. The gamification of the situation also transforms the learning dynamics, promote team spirit and competition between users.

Digitalized medical equipment and 3D assets behave like their real-life versions. They provide relative-time learning experiences and leverage the abilities of an effective teacher. They do not replace the physical version but let an unlimited number of users play and replay actions, grow and perform in a hostile environment, act on a virtual patient, etc.”

Learn more at Born To Be Alive’s English Translated Website!

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