Global Clinical Simulation News Update November 2023

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes clinical simulation learning opportunities, funding updates, acquisition information, innovation progress, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint a picture of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently and where the industry is headed as the scope of clinical simulation practice expands. In this edition for November 2023, you can read about some of the world’s latest clinical simulation updates on surgical training, XR, AR, and VR, INACSL Cornerstone for Endorsement, simulation across the globe, simulation with various learning groups, simulators, and workshops.

Hologic EMEAC and Inovus Medical Join Forces to Improve Surgical Training Across Europe : In a groundbreaking partnership, Hologic EMEAC and Inovus Medical have united to reshape the landscape of surgical training and device demonstration across Europe. This alliance marks the adoption of Inovus Medical’s cutting-edge TOTUM software and the HystAR hysteroscopy simulator, a pivotal step forward in the field of medical education. This partnership between Hologic EMEAC and Inovus Medical is poised to revolutionize the way medical professionals are trained, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare delivery.

First Virtual Reality Headset for Mental Health in Space Will be Sent to ISS to Treat Astronauts During Mission : On Nov. 2, 2023, XRHealth, the leading healthcare platform in Spatial computing, announces today that for the first time ever, a virtual reality headset will be sent to space to treat astronauts for mental health conditions during their next space mission targeted for launch on November 7th. XRHealth partnered with Nord-Space Aps and HTC VIVE to configure the VIVE Focus 3 headset to be compatible with the microgravity conditions of space.

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The Cornerstones of Best Practice : You asked, INACSL delivered! INACSL is dedicated to providing the necessary tools and educational resources to aid in your path to professional development and to demonstrate excellence across all ten Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice™. That being said, the Cornerstones of Best Practice program creates a new way to learn about the four cornerstones of high-quality simulation — Prebriefing, Facilitation, Professional Integrity, and Debriefing — with more flexible, independent, participant-driven educational course modules that you can complete online on your own schedule.

VRSim Hosts Successful Open House and Launches Cutting-Edge VRNA EMS Training Product : On Nov. 8, 2023, VRSim, Inc., a leading innovator and provider of virtual reality training solutions, announced its newest product, VRNA EMS, at an Open House event on November 3rd. VRNA EMS uses VR technology to provide immersive training for Emergency Medical Professionals and First Responders. The Open House featured VRSim staff demonstrating VRNA EMS’ ability to provide hands-on learning experiences focused on critical life-saving skills required in the field.

TraumaSim Celebrates 15 Years : TraumaSim would like you to join us in celebrating our 15th year of unwavering commitment to simulation and realism in training. TraumaSim is honored to work in this industry with so many like-minded friends and supporters. As a thank you for your commitment to TraumaSim and with the hope more lives can be saved, TraumaSim would like to offer a 15% discount on all sales (includes free shipping). This offer begins on our 15th Birthday, 13/11/2023, and ends at the end of November. This offer is for Australian web sales only.

Video-Based Simulation Among Saudi Undergraduate Nursing Students During COVID-19 : A Qualitative Study: The global pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 forced numerous governments to control social distancing with initiatives that started in March 2020. This involved contested policies such as the closing of schools and colleges to keep the population confined. This has raised significant challenges for academics all around the world, where the introduction of public health initiatives aiming at restricting human interaction to slow the virus’s dissemination has led to the suspension of face-to-face learning and resorting to exclusive online learning techniques even in practical health majors such as nursing.

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Simulare Medical Launches the Alveolar Bone Graft Simulator : Developed by leading plastic surgeons at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) to accelerate the learning curve in cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgical training, the ABG simulator is an anatomically accurate and invaluable training tool. This novel tool enables surgeons to perform comprehensive, lifelike, end-to-end ABG procedures with a multi-layered tissue cartridge containing skin, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa, periosteum, and bone.

Medical staff trained in cutting-edge technology : Cutting-edge technology was put to use in Tarras on Tuesday night as part of ongoing training to ensure more equitable access to life-saving treatment. A host of medical professionals met in Queenstown for the annual ECMO Symposium, focused on improving the skills of New Zealand medical professionals, with help from a global team, in using the artificial heart-lung machine. ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, is used to treat severely unwell patients who cannot be supported with conventional ICU treatments, such as those who have suffered a heart attack, are hypothermic, or have severe asthma.

Miami native turned UM Doctor-Professor Barry Issenberg is pioneering medical simulation : Dr. Barry Issenberg, FSSH, has always been fascinated by technology. Raised in North Miami Beach, Issenberg’s early days were spent amid the beeps and blips of Atari 800s, a foreshadowing of his future at the intersection of healthcare and technology. As a kid, his mother worked at the University of Miami lab led by the late Dr. Michael S. Gordon, who innovated in the application of technology to medical education. Through his mom, Issenberg was able to volunteer in the lab and work under Dr. Gordon himself. Dr. Issenberg is the President-Elect of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Emergency pediatric resuscitation simulations resume for first time since pandemic : A wave of respiratory and viral infections led to a flood of children in Emergency Departments across Ontario last fall. This fall, emergency medical staff at Niagara Health’s (NH) three EDs are getting extra training for the rare, but potentially life-threatening, complications that can arise from conditions including RSV, flu, and COVID-19. NH is teaming up with McMaster Children’s Hospital’s Simulation, Resuscitation and Outreach Center (SiROC) and McMaster University’s Centre for Simulation-Based Learning (CSBL) for three mock pediatric emergency and education sessions. It’s the first collaboration of this kind since 2018.

‘First ever’ realistic overweight manikin developed for nurse education In what is thought to be a world-first, realistic overweight female manikin has been developed for use in training nursing, pharmacy, and medical students. Aston University College of Health and Life Sciences and the firm Simulation Man are collaborating on the project, which will see two manikins produced. The female manikin, dubbed R42, has already been built and was launched earlier this month at the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) conference. R42, so named as it represents the 42% of the US population who are overweight, is a realistic shape, rather than having a flat back, to better simulate an overweight patient, and has breasts. This will be used to train students at Aston to carry out medical procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), intubation, inserting IV lines, and catheterization, as well as for manual handling.

NHET-Sim Programme – November 2023 Updates- Remaining 2023 virtual workshops The National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-SIM) had two remaining virtual workshops for 2023. These workshops will be delivered via Zoom, and participants who are registered to attend NHET-Sim workshops receive 4-month access to all our e-learning modules. Registrations are also open for the 2024 Graduate Certificate/Masters in SBE. Completion of NHET-Sim Programme modules is a pathway for these award courses. Short courses covering simulation-based education (SBE) in 2024 are also available for registration.

Affordable Augmented Reality set to get under the skin of medical training with a 3D training experience Medical professionals will now be able to see what’s going on inside the body as well as outside when they are training on simulation manikins thanks to an innovative new product launched by Limbs & Things. The ART (Augmented Reality Training) mat works with everyday tablets and smartphones to show a 3D, 360-degree interactive view of internal anatomy by physically moving around a simulation manikin so trainees can see a procedure from all angles. Bristol-based medical designer and manufacturer Limbs & Things designed the affordable mat for worldwide use, but particularly to help improve medical training in developing countries like India, who may not have access to some of the high-end training tools. Unlike expensive VR headsets, the ART mat is very cost effective – it is automatically included in the purchase of a range of Limbs products, and can be bought for just £250 to retrofit onto a previously bought task trainer. and can be used with a range of Limbs products. loves supporting healthcare professionals utilizing healthcare simulation to improve educational, training, and patient safety outcomes — and at no cost to readers! As an industry resource, the platform simply asks that readers consider sharing links across their own social media accounts to generate a greater awareness regarding the field of clinical simulation. Questions? Email

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