June 23, 2023By Teresa Gore

Simulation Canada to Celebrate 10th Annual Sim EXPO December in Ottawa

Simulation Canada’s flagship annual conference SIM Expo and the National Forum on Simulation for Quality and Safety provide organizational learning and networking opportunities in healthcare simulation. An interprofessional and multidisciplinary clinical simulation conference, Simulation Canada’s annual Simulation Exposition celebrates the creativity, dedication and accomplishments of Canada’s medical simulation community. The event takes place December 11th and 12th in Ottawa, Canada.

Sim Expo 2023: The Rise of Simulation

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the SIM Expo and is a perfect time to reflect on the organization’s journey to this point and to envision simulation’s future. The theme is The Rise of Simulation.

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Reflection on the past reveals how simulation has grown from a niche area in education to a well-established field with a solid evidence base, best practice guidelines, and a community of professionals. From the first simulators that arrived at the clinical labs, simulation is now an indispensable tool in education and quality improvement.

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Projections on the future of healthcare simulation can show how clinical simulation will become even more critical to Canada’s workforce development, in healthcare and beyond, to help address workforce shortages. Simulation Canada sees their power to help build an equitable, sustainable healthcare ecosystem, with providers skilled in trauma-informed, patient-centered care. Another role of Simulation Canada and their members is to determine how pedagogy and technologies can continue to evolve to make simulation more effective and accessible.

SIM Expo 2023 Sponsors

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To support simulationist in Canada, the 2023 Sim Expo has numerous sponsors and vendors. The 2023 Sim Expo Platinum and SIM Citizenship Award Sponsor is Gaumard Simulators for Healthcare Education. Gaumard is an international vendor with manikins working in medical simulation centers around the world for more than 60 years. The company supports the simulation in healthcare the community by attending and sponsoring key simulation conferences. Gaumard manikins are used in the military, emergency medical services, major teaching hospitals and nursing schools.

The SIM Innovator Award Sponsor is sponsored by HIROC (Health Insurance Reciprocal of Canada). HIROC is a trusted healthcare safety advisor, committed to offering a full spectrum of insurance products and support throughout a claim. Combined with sage counsel and risk management solutions, HIROC works with its partners to increase safety.

The Media Sponsor is HealthySimulation.com. HealthySimulation.com is the world’s premier Healthcare Simulation resource website, providing the latest news, CE/CME webinars and courses, conference coverage, research highlights, helpful guides, job listings, product demos, vendor connection services, community sharing, and more!

SIM Expo 2023 Exhibitors

Exhibitors will be present at the 2023 Sim Expo. One of the exhibitors will be Simulab, an international medical simulation company that specializes in soft tissue task trainers, mostly in surgical simulation. Simulab focuses on creating realistic human anatomy with easy to setup and teardown training tools. The company works closely with leading medical educators to develop their vast array of healthcare simulation task trainers. Through realistic medical simulators, Simulab is able to immerse learners into simulated experiences.

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) will be another vendor. Intelligent Video Solutions is an innovative video and audio software solutions provider. Their goal is to help organizations enhance skill development and engagement in simulation and learning environments through video. IVS is dedicated to focusing on simple, secure video solutions so its customers can focus on better outcomes. IVS is a group of video technology professionals who are passionate about helping clients use video to advance their organizations’ purpose..

More About Simulation Canada

Simulation Canada is Canada’s inclusive,interprofessional, cross-sector, non-profit network for the advancement of simulation in education, healthcare, and beyond. The nonprofit organization has served to connect clinical simulation community members, facilities and resources across Canada and beyond. Simulation Canada advocates for and advances medical learning through simulations to benefit patient safety and care.

Simulation Canada’s vision is a world where exceptional patient care and outcomes through healthcare simulation are universal. Therefore, the organization’s mission is to improve healthcare education, patient safety and quality improvements while connecting disparate healthcare and human service professions, disciplines and care delivery sectors. This has led Simulation Canada to establish six guiding values: disruption, respect, best practices, community, collaboration and transparency.

Keystones Professional Development

Simulation Canada’s Keystone Professional Development Program offers a wide array of professional development courses in simulation-based education. Keystone is designed for anyone in healthcare or human services interested in learning about the simulation field, becoming a simulation educator, or in refining simulation skills. Interprofessional education (IPE) continues to be the primary driver for delivering all of the course offerings. Courses are taught online and in-person.

The courses are founded on current educational theory and evidence and reflect best practices in simulation. The course faculty are national and world leaders in simulation research and practice from a variety of professional backgrounds: medicine, nursing, EMS, respiratory therapy, theatre arts, and more.

The Keystones Certificate in Healthcare Simulation is Canada’s nationally-recognized certificate for professionals. The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is a certificate program designed for learners who are interested in a more immersive experience in healthcare simulation. This program supports participants in developing their careers as simulationists, in roles such as educators, leaders, scholars and faculty developers. The Keystones experience is grounded in networking and collaboration. Connections made within this program will be nurtured to further develop practice within the simulation community.

Simulation Scenario Exchange

The Simulation Scenario Exchange is a repository of free resources, including simulation scenarios, links to virtual simulations, scenario development tools & templates, and assessment/evaluation tools. The Exchange fosters collaboration amongst simulationists for the sharing, improvement, and adaptation of resources.

Learn More About Simulation Canada 2023 Sim Expo

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