January 20, 2023By Lance Baily

SimX Launches World’s Largest VR Database

SimX launched the SimX Marketplace, the largest VR database of simulated patient encounters. Featuring over 250 clinician-created simulated patient encounters, the SimX Marketplace is easy to search by specialty, profession, or setting. The SimX Marketplace showcases simulated patient encounters built in collaboration with top institutions like Air Methods, UPenn, NYU, and the Department of Defense. This HealthySimulation.com article shares more about these custom scenarios and how they benefit users.

Custom Simulated Patient Encounters

SimX partners with government, academic institutions, and hospital systems to create custom simulated patient encounters that train healthcare workers for a variety of needs, from battlefield triage to diagnosing a stroke. From conception, a SimX subject matter expert (SME) works with customers to develop case flow, characters, tools, and environment. Each custom simulated patient encounter is wireless, multiplayer, and cross-platform for maximum flexibility for learners and educators.

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Cut Costs by 90% when Trading Plastic for Graphic

The VR-simulated patient encounters on the SimX Marketplace cost roughly one-tenth of traditional healthcare simulation. With just a VR headset and a SimX software license, trade bulky, expensive manikins for virtual patients who talk back and respond — just like the real ones.

Additionally, VR-simulated patient encounters require less maintenance, equipment, and manpower. For remote learning, the possibilities are endless: incorporate VR-simulated patient encounters in lectures, use them in small group settings, or even send VR headsets home with students to train remotely in a multiplayer setting while instructors facilitate from afar. The SimX Marketplace leverages technology to make healthcare training cheaper, easier, and cost-effective.

SimX Partners with Elsevier to Launch Most Comprehensive VR Nursing Curriculum

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The SimX Marketplace continues to grow to meet the unique needs of its partnered institutions.
Elsevier, a leader in scientific, technical, and healthcare content and analytics is one such partner. Elsevier has contributed over 100 cases to the SimX Marketplace as part of their nursing curriculum. Elsevier and SimX adapted Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System into a series of VR-simulated patient encounters. The SimX Elsevier curriculum, or SLS with Virtual Reality, teaches skill sets from multiple specialties including pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity, and other fundamentals of care and treatment.

Share Revenue with SimX

Every SimX partner that adds custom cases to the SimX Marketplace may choose to share their content with other users. When that content sells, SimX shares its revenue. SimX knows that accessibility and collaboration is a huge part of creating the right educational experiences for learners worldwide. Collaborative, custom-simulated patient encounters are opportunities for SimX to build new environments, tools, and patient interactions that improve efficacy and realism across SimX curricula.

See For Yourself

As the only VR healthcare simulation company founded and operated by practicing clinicians, SimX is committed to training the next generation of healthcare workers. Interested in seeing our wireless, multiplayer, cross-platform software yourself? Contact a SimX representative today or visit the SimX website.

More About SimX

SimX, previously called SimXAR, is a healthcare software company specializing in medical simulation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and medical training and education. The company brings virtual and augmented reality into the realm of healthcare simulation and training. SimX was founded by physicians in training at Stanford, the University of California at San Francisco, and the University of California at Los Angeles.

They understood that simulation practice and training are extremely beneficial to both learners and clinicians, and hoped to use virtual reality to make simulation cheaper and more accessible, to ultimately reduce medical error and increase patient safety. Seeking to push simulation forward, SimX developed a software system that was the first comprehensive professional-grade VR medical simulation system product available on the market.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, the platform allows medical teams to replace expensive manikins with incredibly flexible simulated patients, backed by a robust case creation engine.

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