October 15, 2013By Lance Baily

Simulation Video Games Will Change the World


Simulation video games continue to demonstrate the benefit of “play” when it comes to learning or experiencing the world around us. Whether you want to drive an 18-wheel truck, a 40-ton locomotive, fly a 747 jumbo jet, run a hospital, evolve a biological bacteria, or even build a city – there is an endless stream of video games to do all that and more.

Knowing that technology will continue to dramatically change the classroom, I believe it is only a matter of time before video games are utilized in many to most educational centers for career training. While most simulation games are currently based on vehicular manipulation – software like CliniSpace allow for learners to practice engaging with healthcare environments through team communication and management scenarios.

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Obviously the level of reality ranges as much as the types of games available. Below the satire-based “Surgey Simulator 2013” offers an updated and even sillier form of the board game classic “Operation”.  In one of several ridiculous missions your goal is to do a brain transplant in a moving ambulance.

But contrast the above with the video below: a ten minute tutorial covering only part 1 of the military jet A10 startup procedures from the video game “Digital Combat Simulator”:

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In the future, it will be faster and more affordable to add simulation to “on the job training” to reduce time necessary in more costly learning environments. Everything from engaging in a mock virtual trial to flipping burgers will be turned into simulated learning video games.

Take a look at the growing list of simulation video games on wikipedia, and consider where video games will take healthcare training in our near future.

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