July 15, 2013By Lance Baily

Wallcur Expands Services For Medical Simulation With Practi-Meds

wallcur simulation meds

This week I am posting all the video interviews with vendors from INACSL 2013, highlighting new updates or services available to the medical simulation community. Today we will start with Wallcur, a company which has expanded its amazingly high quality practice medications for all professional healthcare educators.

Watch the 2-minute video interview below:

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Susan Davis, General Manager of Wallcur took a moment to chat with me about Wallcur’s renewed commitment to support medical simulation.

“Wallcur provides Practi-Meds for simulation centers and health occupation fields. Wallcur is very committed to staying current, and we know that simulation is very important for training nurses, pharm techs, and those in the military. Simulation is a broad approach which helps us make sure we know how to take care of our patients, and also helps to make sure educators are teaching in a standardized approach – which simulation is perfect for. Here at INACSL 2013, Wallcur is showing off new products that can be used in simulation centers and networking with others who are furthering the simulation field.  We are also talking to our constituents in seeing what we need to have to make sure this is all possible.


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One of the ways we are showing that is through our new catalog which highlights two things. The first is our Practi-Peel & Stick line. In order for nurse educators to have their labs stocked with all of the drugs that you would see in hospitals, instead of buying boxes and boxes of different meds, they can take our Practi-Peel & Stick labels and stick them right on generic vials and have a new dosage lesson for the student. The second item is our exclusive Practi-Teaching modules for all of our practi-products which have patient case scenarios, doctors orders, MAR sheets, and clinical dosage math calculations for teaching students the proper math for nursing.”

Learn all about Practi-Oral MedsPracti-Peel & Stick Labels and Practi-Teaching Modules at the Wallcur LLC website!

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