July 16, 2013By Lance Baily

Gaumard Noelle S575.100 Product Updates

At INACSL 2013 I interviewed Brandon Boedigheimer, Technical Support Manager/Sales Manager at Gaumard Scientific, about the latest products updates with the “.100” version of the Noelle Birthing Manikin. *EDIT: The interview has been replaced with a comprehensive product breakdown video from Gaumard:

Here are just some of the updated features of the updated S575.100 Noelle Manikin:

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  • Realistic fetal palpation: Realistic amniotic sac inside palpation abdominal cover creates a natural and realistic feel when practicing palpation exercises
  • Multiple birthing positions: In addition to the feet in stirrups position, NOELLE’s fully articulating body allows for alternative birthing positions like hands and knees.
  • Epidural Procedures: Practice epidural procedures on a spinal cord insert with skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae. Anatomic features include: iliac crests, lumbar vertebrae L2 – L5, ligamentum flavum and epidural space. The system has sensors that log the moment the needle has gone too far and when it has entered the correct location
  • Realistic fetal palpation: NOELLE’s new palpation module includes an amniotic sac creating a natural and realistic feel when practicing palpation exercises.
  • Pelvic landmarks: Anatomic landmarks include bilateral ischial spines, coccyx and pubic symphysis.
  • Contraction stomach: NOELLE’s new contraction abdominal cover allows palpation of real time contractions during a scenario. The cover gets firm as the contraction peaks.
  • Precision delivery system: NOELLE’s proven delivery mechanism has been refined to create an even more natural and lifelike birthing descent. NOELLE’s fetus rotates and moves down the birth canal in response to commands from a wireless tablet PC; it also dips and rises as it traverses the natural sculpted pelvic opening.
  • Practice C-Sections using real surgical instruments: Multi-layer abdominal wall with skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscle, and peritoneum for maximum realism. Abdominal inserts have simulated blood incorporated into the subcutaneous layer. Use real surgical instruments for incision, dissection, and suturing.
  • Episiotomy repair: NOELLE’s episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue that can be sutured repeatedly. Inserts have been redesigned for maximum realism, in both look and feel.
  • And updated neonates:


Visit the Noelle webpage at Gaumard to learn more!

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