September 2, 2021By Lance Baily

ReSuture Increases Procedural Exposure Through Surgical Simulation

The need to effectively respond to modern challenges has pushed many institutions and facilities to adopt various means of surgical simulation education and training. Procedural exposure has come to be seen as a necessity among surgical residents, and surgical simulation helps provide them with vital experience while ensuring a level of standardization. To meet these pressing needs across surgical education, the surgical simulation company ReSuture develops high-fidelity physical simulations for surgical training with a focus on open vascular procedures.

For example, in 2020 ReSuture was employed by Tulane University School of Medicine’s cutting-edge surgical training program. Tulane’s general surgery residency program and vascular surgery fellowship programs began training on the Open Vascular Training System. Also in 2020, ReSuture provided the company’s carotid endarterectomy trainers for the LSU Fundamentals of Vascular Surgery Symposium. This allowed residents and fellows to learn important vascular surgery skills using ReSuture models for the first time. The company is also selling products to Mayo Clinic’s residency program in Rochester, Minnesota.

“It has been shown that surgical complications can be reduced by 50% using simulation training, so we are trying to create a product that makes surgeries safer. We are bridging the gap between the classroom and operating room by providing training tools to allow future surgeons to learn complex procedures before operating on a patient,” said Hannah Eherenfeldt, CEO and co-founder of ReSuture. “We believe our product will change the way we train surgeons, shifting away from practicing on cadavers and ‘on-the-job’ training.”

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ReSuture Surgical Simulation Products

The Open Vascular Training System: The Open Vascular Training System (OVTS) is a versatile and comprehensive option for skills training in open vascular surgery. The OVTS is compatible with ReSuture’s procedural cartridges, allowing for a wide range of surgeries to be simulated in the same perfused system. Pulsatile fluid flow, coupled with our high-fidelity procedural cartridges, delivers unparalleled realism in surgical simulation training. The compact and multifaceted utility of the OVTS means surgical trainees can get the experience of operating anytime and anywhere.

The Carotid Endarterectomy Training Cartridge: The Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA) Training Cartridge is a realistic vascular surgery trainer. The simulated artery cuts and sutures like real human vascular tissue and includes lifelike plaque. Users can practice dissection, clamping, shunting, endarterectomy, and patch angioplasty techniques in an unparalleled simulated environment. The CEA cartridge also includes the jugular vein, facial vein, sternocleidomastoid muscle, vagus nerve, and hypoglossal nerve. Blood flow can be simulated by using this product in the compatible Open Vascular Training System.

The ReSuture Basic Training Suture Pad: The ReSuture Basic Training Suture Pad offers realistic suture practice in a variety of shapes to improve hand-eye coordination. The three-layer 5.5″ X 5.5″ silicone pad simulates skin, adipose, and muscle. Purchase includes two sutures for practice. Different skin tones are available.

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Straight Vessels: This comes with a pack of five straight vessels, with cuts and sutures like real human vascular tissue. This product is ideal for simple anastomosis training.

Standalone Vasculature Products

Abdominal Aorta: Abdominal Aorta comes in a healthy option or with an aneurysm and simulated thrombus. This simulator includes internal and external iliac arteries, inferior and superior mesenteric arteries, renal arteries, and celiac trunk with branches. The Abdominal Aorta also has cuts and sutures like live human vascular tissue.

Aortic Arch: The Aortic Arch comes with an option to include carotid, subclavian, and axillary arteries. This simulator is ideal for medical education and surgical training, and includes cuts and sutures like live human vascular tissue.

Arterial System of Neck, Torso, and Abdomen: The Arterial System of Neck, Torso, and Abdomen comes with an aortic arch to abdominal aorta bifurcation into common iliac arteries. The simulator kit also includes subclavian and carotid arteries.

Synthetic Carotid Artery with or without Plaque: The Synthetic Carotid Artery with or without Plaque is a realistic training option for endarterectomy procedures. This includes cuts and sutures like live human vascular tissue.

Simulated Vena Cava for Medical Training and Education: The Simulated Vena Cava for Medical Training and Education includes common iliac veins, hepatic veins, and renal veins. The simulator also has cuts and sutures like live human vascular tissue.

Venous System of Head, Neck, and Torso: The Venous System of Head, Neck, and Torso comes equipped with jugular, axillary, and subclavian veins, to inferior vena cava and common iliac veins. The product also includes renal and hepatic veins and cuts and sutures like live human tissue.

More About ReSuture

The company’s founding team aimed to address the lack of training tools available to surgical residents, and founded ReSuture to bring their invention to residents and surgeons across the world. With a talented team of engineers and dedicated surgeons, the company is committed to improving the quality of patient care.

ReSuture’s mission to standardize surgical training and evaluation is in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF). The vision is to establish a new paradigm for medical training — one that will ultimately deliver healthcare more effectively, safely, and equitably. The company is building a system of training and evaluation to standardize surgical education and empower surgeons to improve patient safety and care.

The company provides surgeons and residents with validated didactic tools to develop and assess performance in open surgical procedures, thereby shifting the physician learning curve away from the patient. Using high fidelity physical products, new methods of assessment and credentialing, and an online platform that connects instructors and trainees, ReSuture is poised to become a gold standard for surgical simulation education.

ReSuture is committed to providing the highest value to surgical residency programs. The company’s academic partners get first access to the newest products, the opportunity to collaborate on published research, and discounted monthly subscriptions of procedural training cartridges. Additionally, ReSuture can work with academic partners to create custom and patient-specific vascular models.

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