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Remedy Simulation Group Nursing Collection Provides High-Fidelity Solutions

Nursing education is incredibly important as these learners will eventually go on to treat real patients in real-life scenarios. Before getting to this stage, having trained thoroughly on the various skills and procedures relied upon in the field is imperative. Today, more institutions and facilities are relying on healthcare simulation to allow learners to practice their clinical and decision-making skills through various real-life situational experiences. However, these training experiences are only effective if products and resources are utilized which are able to appropriately simulate what is being taught. To assist nursing learners in their training, Remedy Simulation Group offers several high-fidelity nursing simulation products, all made and sourced within the United States, as part of the company’s nursing collection.

With realism in mind, Remedy Simulation Group developed several nursing collection products that accurately represent parts of the human anatomy. There is a nursing simulation solution meant to replicate skin across different parts of the body, and others that represent fingers and genitalia. Additional products are more task-specific and less representative of a particular body part, including the Remedy Simulation Group suture pad.

Further, the nursing simulation products offered by Remedy Simulation Group vary in their intended uses. For example, there are products meant to be used to practice injections, and others produced by the company to help train nursing learners on how to properly administer an IV. Additionally, there are nursing simulation products that can be used for training on proper catheterization techniques. By incorporating products from Remedy Simulation Group’s nursing collection into a curriculum or healthcare simulation lesson plan, clinical simulation centers and facilitators can ensure their learners are faced with high-fidelity medical simulation experiences.

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Remedy Simulation Group Nursing Collection Product Examples

“Paddy” Small Injection Pad: Remedy’s original, and best-selling, injection training pad, “Paddy” is designed for the practice of four needle injections. The pad can be used to simulate Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, Intravenous, and Intradermal. A removable epidermis layer is placed on the surface of the pad allowing for the simulation of a “wheel” during intradermal injections. The skin puncture resistance, as well as the resistance throughout the injection, closely mimics the feel of a real injection. The pad has drainage on the bottom so it can be used with fluid-filled syringes.

“Patrick” Large Injection Pad: Remedy’s injection training product, “Patrick,” can be used to simulate intramuscular, intradermal (when used with our removable epidermis layers), subcutaneous and Z-track injections. Realistic puncture resistance mimics the feel of an actual injection. Bottom drainage allows the pad to be used with fluid-filled syringes. The skin on the pad can be grasped for more realistic injection scenarios.

“Patricia” Wearable Injection Pad: Patricia is a wearable injection pad for the practice of subcutaneous injections. Patricia is an abdominal injection pad that can be placed on a standardized patient or manikin. The material used mimics the realistic tissue penetration by including the feel of skin resistance when the needle punctures the skin surface. The injection pads include multiple skin layers and bottom drainage that can be used for fluid-filled syringe practices such as autoinjectors.

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“Pete” Wearable Injection Pad: Pete is our second wearable injection pad which can be placed on a standardized patient or manikin and was designed to help students in the administration of intramuscular and Z-Track injections. Pete has a more muscular feel under the epidermis layer to mimic the Vastus Lateralis Muscle. Like “Patricia” it offers multiple skin layers and bottom drainage for use with fluid-filled syringes.

Removable Epi-Layer: Replacement simulated epidermis layers to be used for intradermal injections on “Patrick” and “Paddy.” Each package contains 9 Epidermis Layers.

Venous Bleu Venipuncture Trainer: “Venous Bleu” is Remedy’s industry-leading Venipuncture Trainer. Redesigned for 2020 “Venous Bleu” offers 30% more vein area for practice. The skin and blue shaded vein now include our VesSeal coating to endure more needle sticks with less leaking. This trainer provides realistic blood flashbacks and visibly represents the natural arm vein better than any other product on the market. It can be used on a standardized patient as well as a manikin and can be positioned on different parts of the arm and hand to simulate various points of entry. The hard backing is used to prevent unwanted needle punctures. “Venous Bleu” has replaceable parts and is a must-have option for simulating basic venipuncture skills.

“Ivy” IV Administration Trainer: “Ivy,” Remedy’s simulated IV trainer can be used for the training and practice of IV fluid and medication administration and flushing. Any standardized patient, task trainer, or manikin can be used with no special setup or cleanup. There is realistic blood return and no special fluids are required. “Ivy” can be used with any IV pump and tubing and is an economical, efficient way to practice setting IV flow rates.

“Cathi” Female Catheterization Package with Bladder: Cathi is a simulated female catheterization trainer. Cathi fits into most Laerdal manikins or into the Remedy Catheterization stand. The tissue is supple and pliable for easy spreading using the thumb and index finger. The labia minora realistically closes over the vaginal and urethral openings. Used to practice locating the urethral meatus and urinary catheter placement. Successful catheterization will be confirmed with urine flashback. The bladder module is used with an IV bag that can be hung or inserted into a pressure infuser bag to provide a flashback. Cathi comes with the bladder and a 14 French Catheter.

“Willi” Male Catheterization Package with Bladder and Foreskin: Willi is a simulated male catheterization trainer. Willi fits into most Laerdal manikins or into the Remedy Catheterization stand. The feel of the material is realistic and delicate like actual tissue. Willi ships with a removable foreskin and “prostate band” which can help simulate an enlarged prostate. Successful catheterization will be confirmed with urine flashback. The bladder module is used with an IV bag that can be hung or inserted into a pressure infuser bag to provide flashback The bladder module is used with an IV bag that can be hung or inserted into a pressure infuser bag to provide flashback. Willi comes with the bladder and a 14 French Catheter.

More About Remedy Simulation Group

Remedy Simulation Group is a healthcare simulation industry leader in nursing simulation aids and also in the medical contract manufacturing field. The company believes that medical simulation plays an important role in the future of healthcare, and provides customers with two distinct ways to interface with the company: medical simulation training products and contract manufacturing for simulation products. Ultimately, Remedy Sim’s innovative products help learners studying in the medical disciplines to develop important and necessary skills by providing tactile, realistic scenarios for learning.

The company aims to strike a skillful balance between developing physical anatomical models that are realistic yet competitively priced. Remedy Simulation Group enhances this harmonious combination with superior customer service marked by a satisfaction guarantee and a responsive team of professional resources – equipped with essential product use and care expertise. The company’s services and custom products reach the entire medical education market, including nursing, pharmaceutical, medical devices, continuing education, and other healthcare simulation companies.

Using a pragmatic, solution-minded approach, Remedy Sim strives to reduce or eliminate the need for cadavers, animal testing, mannequins, and expensive and leak-prone full-size practice models. In their place, the company has created simplistically designed anatomical practice models that are both realistic and easy to use. Whether used independently, with a manikin, or with a standardized patient, Remedy Simulation Group shares that the company has solved complexity and realism challenges for a better practice experience.

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