March 1, 2021By Lance Baily

*NEW* IPSS Pediatric Simulation Training Opportunities

The International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) works to promote and support multidisciplinary healthcare simulation-based education in caring for infants and children. In doing so, the organization was inspired to develop additional avenues for members of the clinical simulation community to connect, collaborate and have exclusive access to global leaders without the constraints of location and time. These new IPSS healthcare simulation training opportunities include the annual spring symposium, a new MasterMind Series and the IPSS Community Chat. Through these medical simulation initiatives, the IPSS helps ensure opportunities for learning and connecting each month of 2021.

“Knowing we would not be in-person for a while, we wanted to build the excitement from our October virtual conference by facilitating opportunities to engage and connect our members,” said Monica Evans-Lombe, CAE, the executive director of IPSS. “It was the perfect time to leverage technology to provide new content, not only more often, but in new ways. We also recognize there is no ‘one size fits all’ and are committed to offer different modalities for our members to employ what works for them.”

Join and IPSS for their Open Access WebinarIPSS Symposium: Simulation Transforming Safetyon Mar. 24 @ 12PM PDT, UTC-7: IPSS Spring Symposium planning committee co-chairs, Ingrid Anderson M.D. and Pavan Zaveri M.D., MEd, invite healthcare professionals in simulation, human factors, quality improvement and safetyto learn more about IPSS’ spring symposium, Simulation Transforming Safety. They, along with IPSS Executive Director, Monica Evans-Lombe, will give a preview of keynote speakers and the symposium topic as well as IPSS additional new educational programs for 2021. At the virtual symposium attendees will explore ways to apply safety II, a positive method to address resiliency and adaptability, as well as design thinking to simulation for systems testing. 

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IPSS 2021 Spring Symposium

This year, the IPSS Spring Symposium will be converted to a half-day virtual symposium titled, “Simulation Transforming Safety,” on May 19, 2021 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. During this event the organization will facilitate the exploration of the use of clinical simulation through the lens of design thinking and safety II. The course will teach learners to approach healthcare simulation through safety II, a positive approach to address resiliency and adaptability as well as apply design thinking to using simulation for systems testing. Registration for this event is currently open.

“The biggest difference is that they are all virtual right now. The board made it a priority this year to not only offer more content and ways to connect but to have them on a consistent cadence, so members know what to expect. We are also going deeper on topics and engaging experts outside the field to provide an enhanced experience,” Evans-Lombe said.

Evans-Lombe added that the symposium is a new offering and format for IPSS this year. The conference allows IPSS to cover a broad range of topic areas and this format will enable the organization to hone in on and expand knowledge of those themes. The symposium is also targeted to a more advanced audience who have a base understanding of the concepts already.

“The board has identified several content areas that would be of interest to the IPSS community. We ultimately decided on simulation transforming safety as there are so many elements to explore on this topic,” explained Evans-Lombe. “Sessions around safety are always highly sought after at the conference and one of our keynote sessions this past October help set the stage to take this to the next level.”

IPSS Quarterly MasterMind Series

The IPSS’ new virtual MasterMind Series, set to begin during summer 2021, will offer practical healthcare simulation training programs comprising applications-based courses aimed at experienced professionals. The organization will emphasize clinical simulation learning through discussion of real-world case studies and practical solutions to issues.

Additionally, recognized global experts will lead in-depth sessions that address current trends and best practices to inspire interactive discussions and group knowledge-sharing. This series will occur quarterly, and the day and time of the events will vary. Registration is exclusive to members only, with no cost to attend.

“This new series will offer practical training programs comprising applications-based courses aimed at experienced professionals. We will emphasize learning through discussion of real-world case studies and practical solutions to issues. Recognized global experts will lead in-depth sessions that address current trends and best practices to inspire interactive discussions and group knowledge-sharing,” said Evans-Lombe.

According to IPSS, the transition from theory to practice can be difficult and we always have to think about the tangible takeaway for our participants. Having real life examples to build from helps attendees envision themselves in these situations and how they would apply what they learned. This is one of IPSS’ first instincts when the organization has information, or a new idea is to share. The open discussion leads to new ideas and innovative approaches to their work, ultimately leading to efficiencies and improved outcomes.

“Trends in our membership and conference attendance showed we were serving our new and novice members well,” shared Evans-Lombe. “At the same time, we identified the need to provide more education offerings tailored to our advanced members. It is also a great way to showcase the expertise we have within our IPSS community.”

IPSS Community Chat

The virtual IPSS Community Chat is a designated event where a member of IPSS leadership will facilitate a virtual community conversation to provide members and non-members with an informal setting to network, engage and collaborate. These chats will take place during the third week of each month, with the day and time of the event varying. Attendance is free for members and IPSS encourages participants to bring a non-member colleague.

“One of our core values as an organization is building our community. We want to grow a dynamic, innovative and global community of pediatric simulation professionals who provide research and education to deliver the best healthcare for children and their families,” said Evans-Lombe. “These virtual community chats were designed to allow members and non-members an informal setting to network, engage and collaborate. The chats are led by members of IPSS leadership providing members the opportunity to ask questions of leadership as well as their colleagues.”

Evans-Lombe added that, often IPSSW is the catalyst or continuation for a project, an idea. Thus, the organization wanted to offer more opportunities for these connections to happen outside the conference. These chats serve as ways to connect members, enhance member value and support the work everyone is doing. IPSS also encourages non-members to attend and see first-hand what IPSS has to offer.

“[The first Community Chat] was small but mighty! While we had a small number attend, the conversation was so engaging and energizing. We call on you to help grow this community of experts one by one,” said Evans-Lombe. “By exposing others to your work and the work of the organization and by leveraging the resources we offer, you can help spark the passion in others for pediatric simulation. Connect and engage regularly with the community and share in this responsibility with each other to move the vision forward.”

More About IPSS

IPSS is a global community of healthcare professionals from over 30 countries, all dedicated to improving the care of infants and children worldwide through multi-disciplinary, clinical simulation-based education, training and research in pediatric simulation. The organization strives to bring the knowledge and skills gained to the widest possible audience, and welcome all healthcare professionals who care for children and infants regardless of where they practice. Since the organization’s first meeting in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, membership to the International Pediatric Simulation Society has grown to span the globe.

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