September 21, 2020By Lance Baily

NEW! Sentinel U’s Virtual Clinicals for Hard-to-Find In-Person Specialty Areas

Due to COVID-19, every healthcare education institution and medical training department in the world has had to look for innovative solutions to stressful challenges. From canceled classrooms to cut off clinical rotations, the impact to learners from mental health to nursing to medical students is going to be enormous, and affect all of us for many years to come. Therefore, without a doubt, learning about the newly launched virtual clinical training tools from Sentinel U is an absolute must for healthcare simulation champions around the world. Sentinel U, formerly Healthcare Learning Innovations, meets the evolving needs of healthcare education and training by providing simulation-based technologies and virtual learning tools.

More About Sentinel U

Sentinel U’s virtual nursing simulations and clinicals are engaging, effective, economical and convenient for learners to safely learn anywhere, at any time, while earning virtual clinical hours. They integrate seamlessly into your program, courses and curricula to enhance learning by offering practice experience while building confidence and skills. Based on nursing standards, the clinicals were developed by experienced nursing faculty.

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Their products align with QSEN Quality and Safety Competencies, AACN BSN Essentials, NLN Core Competencies, and Quad Council Core Competencies. Sentinel U is a division of American Sentinel University with 20 years of online education experience, exclusively focusing on nursing and healthcare professionals. The University is accredited regionally and by CCNE, ACEN and DEAC.

NEW Virtual Clinical Simulations for Hard-to-Find In-Person Specialty Areas

Clinical Experiences without the Clinic! Sentinel U offers virtual clinicals that address both healthcare education AND training challenges for nurse educators, clinical coordinators, healthcare employees, human resource managers, practicing nurses, and more.

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Their portfolio of products is tripling in size this September to meet clinical needs in Med-Surg, Mental / Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, Maternal Health / OB, and more. Their online simulations were designed by experienced nurse educators and are effective and affordable.

One of their newest additions, Prioritization of Care Specialty Series, contains 10 virtual clinicals so clients can choose the areas where they want to focus:

  • Pediatrics – Acute Care
  • Pediatrics – Chronic Care
  • Mental / Behavioral Health – Acute Care
  • Mental / Behavioral Health – Chronic Care
  • Adult Medical Care
  • Adult Surgical Care
  • Advanced Medical – Surgical Care
  • Antepartum / Intrapartum Care
  • Postpartum / Neonatal Care
  • Geriatrics

These specialty-based virtual clinical scenarios foster critical thinking and build confidence for students and practicing nurses in a clinical setting. Visit the new Sentinel U website to learn more about Specialty care training.

Telehealth: The Wave of the Present

Telehealth took the world by storm this year. Being able to effectively provide quality care remotely is essential for future and practicing nurses.

In addition to the Prioritization of Care Series, Sentinel U is also launching the Telehealth Case Study Series. There are five products that will be offered through Telehealth, and the Mental Health specialty be the first offered in mid-September. The others will be available in October. Each clinical setting walks the learner through virtual office visits with three remote patients. Within this virtual clinical, learners will interpret alerts to provide long-distance clinical care and professional health education using electronic data and telecommunications technology. Learn More about the Sentinel U telehealth series here.

The following specialties will be available:

  • Medical – Surgical Novice
  • Medical – Surgical Advanced
  • Maternal / OB
  • Pediatrics
  • Mental / Behavioral Health

Virtual Clinical Simulation Training for Every Need

Sentinel U has been providing effective, proven nursing education simulations and virtual clinicals since 2015. In fact, they’ve delivered more than 90,000 individual virtual clinical learner experiences.

Sentinel U is hosting upcoming webinars that will walk through their simulations. Sign up based off who you are and what you need below.

Join the exploration of Prioritization of Care, Patient Management and Delegation and Nursing Quality Indicators. These virtual clinicals allow nursing students and practicing nurses to learn and master advanced clinical judgment skills in a risk-free environment.

Who Should Attend?

  • For nurse educators teaching ADN, BSN and RN-BSN nursing courses
  • For hospital professional development or HR trainers
  • For healthcare organization representatives
  • For current or future nurses

Date / Time: Thu, Sep 24, 2020 12 PM EDT
Registration: Link

Visit the New Sentintel U Website Today!

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