April 25, 2019By Lance Baily

Three Updates From Growing Simulation Companies: Codimg, Skillqube & Virteasy

Three companies engaging with the healthcare simulation space, Codimg, Skillqube, and Virteasy recently sent in some key updates that are worthy of note today. From medical simulation audiovisual systems, to clinical skills task trainers and virtual reality clinically simulated patients for dental simulation, these updates demonstrate the continued growth of healthcare simulation in medical education and training. Do you utilize these systems? Leave us a comment below and share your experiences!

Codimg Helps Healthcare Simluationists Harness the Power of A/V Debriefing

With its simple and intuitive format, Codimg’s audiovisual performance analysis system allows you to set the parameters and report on a wide range of activities, including residential practice, simulation, communication within multidisciplinary teams etc. improving the quality of training through qualified feedback.

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Dr. Manuel Maynar Moliner, director of Medical Technology at ULPGC speaks about Codimg and its applications: ” Codimg is a tool that helps us be much more specific and precise in our analysis, syncing sections of recorded video with our observations. This we can do because the software has the ability to adapt to our needs, allowing a learning framework to be superimposed over the practical element of our training”.

“In particular within the ECOE (The Examination of Objective and Structured Competences), it helps us evaluate specific skills, facilitating reflection on those aspects to improve within the training of a professional, thereby adding objectivity. As a versatile technology, we have taken advantage of video analysis methodology for different technical requirements within the operating room; in Endovascular Training Workshops and with specialists in cardiac and urological surgery, using live sessions”, adds Maynar.

“Also, in the field of simulation we have used Codimg for an Advanced Simulation Course in Critical Situations or Advanced Clinical Simulation Workshop of Frequent Intraoperative Complications in VIDEO Anesthesiology” , explains Dr. Beneharo .

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Another highlight of video analysis for Dr. Maynar is: “The precision video offers and its importance in the analysis of process. Communication, participation and processes are much easier to analyze and improve on, when captured in a movie. It allows members of a multidisciplinary team to transmit information effectively. In this sense, feedback, both formal and informal, creates information of capital importance for improving the performance of the team and of each professional within it”. Learn more on the Codimg website today!

Skillqube Launches qube15 Patient Simulation System

The Skillqube GmbH can look back on a successful launch of their qube15 patient simulation system. The product has been on the market worldwide since January 2019 and has already exceeded all expectations in the first three months. The qube15 patient simulation system is used in education and training in (pre-) clinical care in order to sustainably improve the quality of care and patient safety.

The patient simulation system qube15 by Skillqube was launched in December 2018 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since January 2019, the qube15 is also available worldwide. The qube15 is used in the education and training of rescue teams in the field of preclinical and clinical care. Simulation systems make it possible to precisely train one’s own handles and methods of treatment in a team and to anchor processes intuitively by means of constant repetitions.

Based on many years of practical experience, Skillqube has developed a highly functional simulation system, which helps to prepare emergency personnel precisely for emergencies. In the long term, the quality of care and patient safety will be increased. The simulation system qube15, which is based on the LIFEPAK15, was developed in close cooperation with the manufacturer Stryker GmbH & Co. KG. The simulation system consists of an ECG monitor, a wireless control unit for instructors and an external skill trainer. The qube15 reproduces all the original functions of the LIFEPAK15 and, with its true-to-original design, ensures a realistic simulation result. Learn more on the Skillqube Website!

Virteasy Provides Dental Students with Virtual Patients for Safe Learning

With Virteasy, dental students can have their first time patient experience on a virtual patient. With the Virteasy simulator, dental simulation students are able to feel the difference between the enamel and dentine on exercises which 3D models of real teeth. Exercises in familiarization allow students to practice their techniques, dexterity and indirect vision with the option of using a virtual mirror.

All of this is possible thanks to the combination of a large screen, which provides an immersive environment for students who haven’t yet worked in the clinic, and the use high fidelity haptics from 3D Systems with the Touch X. The combination allows the students to touch the teeth within a virtual scene and experience the feeling of the teeth through a force feedback. The algorithm has been specifically designed at HRV Simulation to provide a realistic feeling to closely imitate the sensations of a real tooth. This takes away the consumables that are needed if the students were practicing on phantom heads whilst also making the simulation suite easily accessible with less preparation needed.

Not only that, universities are able to create their own exercises to integrate into the curriculum. This has been made possible after a collaboration with The University of Sheffield who has provided STL files for a full library of teeth which has been implemented into Virteasy Editor. Thanks also to a collaboration with The University of Lorraine, in France, universities can use DICOM and STL imaging, taken from 3D scanners to create exercises using scans from a REAL patient, export this to the simulators in a few clicks and eventually put these onto a VIRTUAL patient. Learn more on the Virteasy website today!

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