April 3, 2019By Roxanne Blanford

CAE Maestro Conducts Your Healthcare Simulation with Innovation

Every patient encounter is a symphony of signs and symptoms that tells a story. What story will your medical simulation tell? CAE Maestro is CAE Healthcare’s latest generation of human patient simulation software. Featuring the power of CAE Physiology for model-driven healthcare simulation and designed with a streamlined interface for instructor-driven scenarios, CAE Maestro is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly application of its kind for seamlessly orchestrating patient manikin simulations by using either a hand-held tablet, laptop or personal computer. Today we take a closer look at this powerful operating system from CAE Healthcare!

Labeled as the “only patient simulation software that supports a validated, physiological model”, CAE Maestro empowers healthcare training facilitators with an intuitive way to develop and manage simulated patient states (including, responses to real-time interventions, such as drug administration).

CAE Maestro frees healthcare instructors from the task of creating complex human simulator scenarios so that they can devote more positive focus on their learners and help to reduce the incidence of negative training.

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Instructors have full control when using CAE Maestro. They can customize simulated patient monitor signals and signs. They can operate training scenarios on-the-fly, or with pre-programmed, evidence-based CAE Healthcare Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs). These experiences include patient profiles, learning objectives, tips for facilitators, checklists, patient records, images and media files that can be displayed to learners, enriching their experiences and solidifying knowledge.

Key Software Features:

  • CAE Maestro is intuitive, tablet-based and allows facilitators to author and manage simulated patient states easily
  • Media file uploads provide more patient information to learners
  • Patient monitor signals may be enabled or disabled, based on learner actions
  • Flexible checklists capture clinical skills performance, as well as communication skills

CAE Maestro displays advanced CPR analysis on the patient monitor to provide live feedback to learners. Instructors can speak “as the patient,” utilizing the integrated intercom and they can even hear what the patient “hears” (on supporting simulators).

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CAE Maestro Provides:

  1. Easier content development and management
  2. Contemporary and sleek navigation features
  3. Enhanced quality and software performance
  4. Capability to visualize clinical interventions
  5. Integrated management of patient and scenario libraries
  6. SCE-associated patient records (via media files)
  7. The ability to test model-driven scenarios in real time, while authoring and editing

Building on CAE’s 70 plus years of experience in simulator design, and two decades of innovation in simulation-based healthcare education, CAE Maestro is intelligent software for a patient simulator that synthesizes all the expertise and ingenuity for which CAE Healthcare is known.

Discover how you can better achieve your specific healthcare learning objectives with CAE Maestro, comprehensive software for conducting patient simulations with both ease and precision via the link below.

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