June 1, 2018By Lance Baily

Medability Offers High-End Surgical Simulators For Next Gen Training

At IMSH 2018 HealthySim was on hand to learn more from the team at Medability, who showcased multiple products in the category of surgical simulation. We spoke with Dr. Patrick Wucherer about Medability’s SimBone and DuO systems — which provided impressive haptic feedback to provide increased realism for learners. Dr. Wucherer suggested these programs with these products will faster attract medical doctors while boosting their confidence in minimally invasive spine surgery instruments,  offering next generation surgical training with a higher set of standards for certification programs.

Medability Product Features

  • Essential C-Arm Manipulation: Understand the elementary movements of the C-Arm essential for X-Ray guided interventions.
  • Anatomical Principles: Acquire comprehensive understanding of spine anatomy.
  • Anatomy Under X-Ray & on CT: Obtain typical AP, lateral and oblique views and learn how to relate views to CT.
  • Image-guided Instrumentation: Learn instrumentation under X-Ray and CT guidance.
  • Pedicle Screen Insertion: Position the working cannula, place the guide wire and insert screws with various screw sizes.
  • Facet joint infiltration: Inject steroid medication into the facet joint under X-Ray for diagnostics and pain therapy.
  • SI joint infiltration: Use X-Ray to display the SI joint and how to safely place the need tip into the target area.
  • Biopsy: Identify target area on X-ray and CT and safely navigate the biopsy needle to retrieve tissue samples.
  • Vertebro-/Kyphoplasty: Treat fractured vertebral bodies using cement for stabilization.
  • Tumor Ablation: Insert the need trans- or extra- pedicularly into the tumor site under X-Ray.

About SimBone

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SimBone provides highly realistic imaging simulations with artificial bone and skin for lifelike haptics while using real instruments.

About DuO – VR Simulator

DuO provides highly realistic imaging simulation with the highest quality force feedback devices for training on any patient pathology.

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Medability is working hard to accelerate knowledge transfer, extend training course portfolios, provide high quality training and decrease costs! They even can rent or lease you their products for workshops or special training programs.

Learn more about SimBone and DuO on the Medability Website Today!

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