January 25, 2018By Lance Baily

Touch Surgery Provides Interactive Surgical Simulator App for Quick OR Training

Providing more than 100 public procedures from 14 different specialities with the free download of their app, Touch Surgery has been downloaded more than 1 million medical professionals worldwide. Think “practice OR in your pocket”, by tracking your progress over time for the specialities you are more interested in. Users can quickly learn surgery, instantly test their knowledge, and rehearse for surgery. Touch Surgery is being used all over the world and is also helping to deliver tailored training for residency programs (hospital surgical training programs) and medical device representatives. The Touch Surgery platform is an interactive surgical simulator for healthcare professionals; providing a realistic and detailed guide to every step of a procedure.

Touch Surgery is passionate about optimizing the performance of physicians and creating a wealth of knowledge that empowers globally. Customize your app by choosing your areas of interest to receive procedure suggestions and then track your progress. Receive relevant journals and articles that will enhance your learning experience. Furthermore, the Virtual Residency Program (VRP) offers innovative capabilities that enables Program Directors, Surgeons and Residents to effectively manage and share surgical learning within Residency Programs.

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Validated community, step-by-step procedure guide, track your progress, interactive 3D simulations, touch Surgery has been called the “OR in your pocket”.

Key Features of the Downloadable App

  • Learn operations step-by-step in our training mode
  • Experience realistic surgical environments created with state-of-the-art 3D graphics
  • Evaluate your knowledge in “Test” mode
  • Track your results and measure your progress
  • Share you results with our validated community
  • Build a personalized library of operations
  • Access a wide range of 3D simulations
  • Learn techniques from the world’s top physicians

Learn more & download the app on the Touch Surgery website!

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