Simulated Wound Packing Training Cube for Bleeding Control Education

Uncontrolled bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death among trauma patients. Anyone at the scene of an injury can act and saves lives if they know what to do, so why not use affordable training tools to provide professional and community education — just like CPR? The patent pending 4x4x4″ Wound Cube is a compact table-top simulation training tool designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control through repetition and perfect practice.

The semi-transparent, non-toxic silicone allows instructors to demonstrate proper technique and in turn, observe students to ensure accurate wound packing application. The Wound Cube has a total of four wound patterns to simulate injuries – three gunshot wounds (narrow, small and large and one large laceration wound. Realistic tissue loss and density provides the student with tactile feedback to increase the accuracy of muscle memory.

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Wound Cube Features

  • 4 Realistic Wound Patterns
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Durable and Affordable
  • Great for both Beginners & Experts

With an affordable price tag, the Wound Cube surely is a great training tool for beginners and experts alike, allowing for multiple wound packing stations in bleeding control courses.

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