February 13, 2018By Lance Baily

Drake Systems Group Designs Cutting Edge Healthcare Simulation A/V Systems

Are you building or redeveloping a healthcare simulation space and are in need of A/V design or integration consulting services? Then surely you should consider connecting with the team at Drake Systems Group, an independent advisory firm dedicated to planning and designing audiovisual communication systems for the healthcare industry. They work with architects and healthcare professionals to help translate their strategic vision into functional, cost-effective systems. Formed in 2003, Drake Systems Group (DSG) is staffed by professionals with core expertise in audiovisual healthcare technologies.

Clients have found that their extensive knowledge of medical equipment and clinical services is ideally suited to planning new healthcare facilities. At the planning stage, they can help break through the complexities of designing audiovisual systems and at the project level, they can help ensure the smooth transition of organizational requirements into viable, high-performance audiovisual solutions. Recently we posted about the brand new opening of a 41,000 sq ft Simulation Center at the University of Miami, which had its A/V systems designed and integrated by the company.

“DSG has a wealth of knowledge about the entire spectrum of the healthcare a/v world including design, engineering, networking, installation, budgets, etc., and they tie it all together. They keep on top of current information. They are seasoned and highly knowledgeable.” — Rick Hall, AIA Principal at Health Care Harley Ellis Devereaux

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Drake Systems Group Services

  • Spaces
    • Operating rooms
    • Interventional and intra-operative surgical and diagnostic suites
    • Gastroenterology, pulmonary, cardiovascular and pathology labs
    • Simulation centers
    • Radiology reading rooms
    • Patient room-entertainment systems
    • Research labs
    • Electronic intensive care units (EICU)
    • Academic facilities such as lecture halls, classrooms, performance spaces and computer labs
    • Business facilities: conference rooms, video conferencing rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums
    • Video and audio production facilities and control centers
  • Audiovisual
    • Projection and large flat screen displays and data walls
    • Video and audio-conferencing systems
    • High- and standard-definition video distribution systems (copper, fiber and network)
    • Video and audio asset management and recording, storage, and archive systems
    • Interventional and intra-operative imaging signal distribution systems
    • Audio intercom and paging systems
    • Control systems
    • Graphical interface design and programming
    • Product and application development
  • Telecommunications
    • Data and voice distribution infrastructure design (copper and fiber)
    • Telecommunications grounding systems
    • Data center, computer room, MDF, IDF design and layout
    • Service entrance design and layout
  • Networks
    • WAN and LAN design
    • Wireless networks (conventional and meshed)
    • Videoconferencing bridge and gateway design (ISDN and IP)
    • Multimedia network design
  • Acoustics
    • MRI and imaging modality noise control and decoupling
    • Vibration analysis and remediation
    • Architectural base-building design
    • Videoconferencing and conference room noise-criteria evaluation
    • Sound reinforcement and performance environments
    • Privacy assessment
  • Lighting
    • Consulting and design from concept through completion
    • Verify appropriate lighting for all visual applications
    • Lighting equipment layouts and written specifications
    • Support of code compliance
    • Evaluation and selection of user control systems
    • Contractor interface throughout installation
  • Telemedicine
    • Remote and local site design
    • WAN and LAN bandwidth assessment
    • System security assessment
    • Audiovisual compliance gap assessment and remediation
    • Acoustical compliance gap assessment and remediation
    • Audiovisual and network media distribution HIPAA policy development
  • Documentation and Deliverables
    • Technology reports, needs analysis and system programming reports
    • Audiovisual and telecommunications architectural facility and electrical drawings
    • Base building requirements document
    • Audiovisual system drawings (wiring and block flow diagrams)
    • Network topology maps
    • Budgets, bill of materials/equipment and performance specifications
    • Reports of acoustical requirements and recommendations
    • CAD details of acoustical partitions, isolation floors and ceilings

Clients rely on DSG to provide objective advice and realize the promise of future technologies, who design for both clinical and non-clinical medical environments, including: operating rooms, simulation centers, conference rooms, auditoriums and more. They offer a dynamic range of advisory services that evolves as your project progresses to completion, and remain brand-neutral when it comes to selecting appropriate debriefing integrations.

Learn more by visiting the DSG website today!

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