January 10, 2018By Lance Baily

Laerdal’s New Nursing Anne Simulator Specifically Built for Nursing Education

Just ahead of IMSH, Laerdal has launched their Nursing Anne Simulator, designed and built specifically for nursing education, from basic assessment to advanced practice. By creating manikins unique to various professions, Laerdal is ensuring that the best possible training outcomes become possible at the price specific to those needs. Designed based on input from leading nursing educators from around the world, this engaging and robust platform enables nurses to practice a wide range of competencies both as a skills trainer and as a highly realistic female simulator. Learners can safely and realistically practice core nursing skills from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions.

RMU Simulation Faculty and Previous “Clinical Simulation in NursingJournal Editor Dr. Suzie Kardong-Edgren says in the video below that she is “delighted to see this product coming to the market” because its price point matches the specific learning goals nursing programs specifically have.

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The nursing field has seen changes within the past 25 years that point to a need for more hands-on, inclusive, and immersive experiences for students and nursing professionals. With additional attention on leadership, communication skills, and safe care practices, nurses can benefit greatly from exposure to high-quality simulation- based training.

Also on the Laerdal website you can download a free article “Adapting to Nursing’s New Expectations: Boosting Your Simulation Fidelity Can Help Your Nurses Succeed” which covers a emphasis on patient-centered care, the importance of diagnosis and assessment skills, as well as how you can bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical practice! In this article, Laerdal examines three significant changes that have come to shape today’s nursing landscape. Research suggests that you can use simulation to address these changes with the goal that your nurses approach their role with competence, confidence, and compliance.

Learn more about the New Laerdal Nursing Anne Simulator on their website!

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