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As a video producer, EMS/firefighter, simulation technology specialist, medical simulation center administrator, conference organizer, and business entrepreneur – Founder Lance Baily has the background and the experience necessary to guide your simulation-based project to the next level by connecting you to the right simulation consultant.

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After serving as a Simulation Technology Specialist in Los Angeles, Lance became the Director of the 31,000 square feet multi-institutional multi-disciplinary Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas in May of 2009.  Since that time until Lance left the CSCLV in April of 2012, the center nearly doubled in staff, provided simulation training to over 80 collaborative faculty and brought in over $250,000 in external revenue.

In 2010, Lance started, a free and independent resource website for the healthcare simulation community.  This free resource website now provides 9,000 unique visitors a month with medical simulation related news, resources, product reviews and more.  The HealthySim free monthly newsletter now provides over 3,500 simulation champions from around the world with all the best of!

In 2011 Lance began a new non-profit organization called The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) which provides annual hands-on training events to those operating healthcare simulation technologies and labs around the world.  SimGHOSTS events focus on manikin programming, simulation hardware maintenance and repair, a/v debugging and production, moulage makeup, medical terminology & pharmacology, team leadership, process development and more. Since then, SimGHOSTS has expanded to include annual hands-on training events around the world including the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the UK.

In 2012, Lance continued the development of the growing international community of medical simulation champions with a recorded event called HealthySimAdmin, a two day broadcasted event to provide an open and online discussion for the administrative “how to” of simulation.

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Consulting Clients of Lance Baily:

  • Several confidential vendors interested in learning more about the medical simulation market place.
  • University of Utah College of Nursing Simulation Learning Center – Simulation program development.
  • INACSL.Org – International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning – Website redesign & redevelopment.
  • California Healthcare Workforce Initiative – Simulation Technology Specialist job description & curriculum design.
  • SimCharacters – Marketing and Strategy Consultant

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HealthySim is available to connect you with consulting firms to support the following areas:

  • Simulation Center Design & Development
    • Architecture & layout including electrical and plumbing considerations
    • Stakeholder identification
    • Short & long term financial and program needs
    • Staffing identification and job descriptions
    • IT network design and integration
    • System configuration and optimization
    • Capital equipment selection
      • A/V Systems
      • Manikins
      • Additional medical simulation hardware & software
      • Debriefing system selection
    • Proven hiring practices
    • Committee development
  • Simulation Center Operations
    • Policies & Procedures
      • Scheduling
      • High-fidelity simulation labs
      • Mid-fidelity skills labs
      • Standardized patient labs
      • Staff operating procedures
      • Learners
      • External users
      • Security
    • Staff
      • Roles & responsibilities / Job descriptions
      • Hiring new staff
      • Staff transitioning
      • Training new staff
      • Adding additional staff
      • Team communication
      • Management & leadership
    • Clinical educators
      • Selecting ‘Simulation Champions’
      • Clinical educator training & integration
      • Inter-professional & collaborative program development
      • Video orientations
      • Training manuals
      • Supporting research
    • Scheduling
    • Marketing & community outreach
      • Website development
      • Video and media development
      • Tour and open-house development
      • Flyering and advertising campaigns
      • Conference & professional organization participation
  • External Users & Revenue
    • Contract Documentation
    • Staff & administrative requirements
    • Costs involved
    • Course Design
    • Sales practices
    • Marketing
    • Rate and fee structures
  • Simulation Products & Services
    • Industry assessment
    • Product development & design
    • Website development
    • Video Productions (product demonstrations, orientations or original content creation)
    • Marketing campaign development
      • Online advertising
      • Social media campaigns
      • Email campaigns & horizontal sales
    • reviews & articles

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