October 26, 2023By Erin Carn Bennett

IPSSV 2023: Nov. 14th Virtual Online Symposium for Pediatric Simulation

Join the “International Pediatric Simulation Society”(IPSS) on November 14, 2023, for a virtual online symposium (IPPSV) from any location around the world. Discussions will be centered around clinical simulation through a global lens. The theme of IPSSV 2023 is “Global Simulation: Inspiration, Innovation and Impact”. IPSSV 2023 will be an incredibly valuable online symposium for those involved in pediatric clinical simulation and those external to the pediatric specialty. This article by Erin Carn-Bennett, MSN, RN, will explore IPSSV, the keynote speakers, and other opportunities to link with IPSS in the future. As a Media Partner with the non-profit IPSS organization, HealthySimulation.com is proud to support the 2023 IPSSV online event!

IPSSV 2023: Global Simulation: Inspiration, Innovation, and Impact

Join the live online symposium from anywhere around the globe on November 14, 2023, 7AM – 10AM PST Pacific Standard Time UTC-8. Participants can earn CE credits for attendance.

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Equitable, accessible, and connection that forges education around healthcare simulation is central to IPSS’s overall mission statement. Low -and middle-income countries have a reduced registration fee of $5 USD, and attendees from other countries will have a registration fee that varies from $50-$75 USD. IPPSV will be a three-hour virtual conference, which is great value for attendees. For low- and middle-income country participants to gain the $5 USD registration fee, the participant will need to email info@ipssglobal.org for the code to register.

IPSSV 2023 is an interactive format and panel discussions. IPSS is delighted to invite everyone with an interest in clinical simulation to participate and integrate the academic challenges with the medical reality of modern clinical simulation. IPSSV is an equitable and accessible way to train and connect with other clinical simulation experts around the globe and will deliver an incredibly inspired meeting of passionate people. Come and join IPSSV 2023 for an educational and interactive symposium that will add knowledge that will motivate the journey in healthcare simulation.

Attendance at IPSSV 2023 in real-time offers the advantage to directly communicate with keynote speakers, the opportunity to pose questions in the Q&A session, and virtual network opportunities. However, if attendance live is not possible, the content will remain accessible on-demand for a two-week period after the symposium. Continuing education credits will still be granted for those who choose to watch IPSSV on-demand and complete the requirements. Register for IPSSV now! The keynote speakers, Naomi M. Bender, Daniel Orqueda, and Data Santorino, have impressive profiles and expertise, which will be delved into in this article.

Why is IPSSV 2023 Important?

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The improvement of quality care for infants, children, adolescents, and their families through interdisciplinary healthcare simulation-based education is a core mission of IPSS on a global scale. IPSSV 2023 will highlight innovative clinical simulation strategies that have created impactful change across Africa, the United States, and South America, which can be directly applied to both personal and institutional practices, irrespective of geographic location. The international panel for IPSSV and the discussion at the virtual symposium seek to embolden healthcare simulation outcomes. A focus on the generation of real impact and efficiency amidst these challenging times will be central to the symposium. Join IPSS in this virtual forum to re-examine and reflect on clinical simulation roles and how to drive forward progress in pediatric healthcare simulation in 2023 and beyond.

IPSSV Keynote Speakers

The speakers span from around the globe. The three speakers for IPPSV 2023 are Dr. Naomi Bender from the United States, Dr. Daniel Orqueda from Argentina, and Dr. Data Santorino from Uganda.

  • Dr Naomi Bender is the Director of Native American Health Science Programs at Washington State University’s Spokane Health Science (WSU NAHS) campus. Dr. Bender develops and implements policy, culturally-based curricula, workshops, community initiatives, research, and scholarly projects. She has an expansive record of accomplishment in the ability to build partnerships to meet the systemic need for healthcare workforce expansion and response in the Native American territories. Dr. Bender manages the oversight, strategic development, implementation, and response to Native American pathway programs for all healthcare workers. Dr. Bender and WSU NAHS recently opened the Center for Native American Health (CNAH). During her presentation at IPSSV, she will highlight the opportunities to use clinical simulation to challenge health disparities in her work in the evolution of an indigenous developed clinical simulation program with Washington State University. This promises to provide much food for thought with lessons for us to apply to our own institutions and specific context no matter where based.
  • Dr Daniel Orqueda is a Pediatric Intensivist Physician and care coordinator at Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Orqueda is an Associate Professor in Pediatric Critical Care at the University Institute Hospital Italiano. He is a previous Fellow in Clinical Simulation for IPSS and INSPIRE International Network for Clinical Simulation-Based Pediatric Innovation, Research, & Education. Daniel is also the Head of CUESIM Clinical Simulation Laboratory for Simulation-Based University Education Center at the University Institute at Hospital Italiano. Dr. Orqueda will present on “The Growth Process in Training Pediatric Simulation from the Individual to the Group Impact in a South American Country.”
  • Dr. Data Santorino is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST). Dr. Santorino is the Uganda Country Manager for CAMTech in Uganda. Data is the Director and co-PI for the Simulation for Life Program in Africa. At IPSSV, Dr. Santorino will present “Functionalizing a Simulation and Data-Driven Approach to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Africa.” Data plans to discuss the scale-up journey and outcomes of clinical simulation and innovative technologies applied to improve healthcare outcomes. As a pediatrician and academic-based teacher in Uganda, he provides an important update on his work and initiatives across the African subcontinent and beyond. Dr. Santorino has been instrumental in the promotion of the benefits of clinical simulation as a Founder/Director of the SIM for Life program. Dr. Santorino has undertaken extensive research in the effective maximization of both clinical simulation delivery and quality within low-resource environments.

View the HealthySimulation.com LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Pediatric Simulation Research: Resources from the International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) to learn more!

More About the International Pediatric Simulation Society?

IPSS is a global community of pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric nurses, advanced practice providers, educators, and other allied health professionals from over 30 countries, all dedicated to the improvement of care to infants and children worldwide through multi-disciplinary, clinical simulation-based education, and research in pediatric clinical simulation. IPSS strives to share the knowledge and skills gained with the widest possible audience and welcomes all healthcare professionals who care for children and infants regardless of where the practice is provided.

In-Person IPSSW Conference 2024

IPSSW2024 has just been announced to be held in Denver, Colorado, from May 7- 9, 2024. IPSSW2024 gathers renowned global experts in attendance at the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal clinical simulation. Join the physicians, nurses, researchers, and educators in three days of in-depth discussion on how to provide safe and effective care for children and infants through the continued expansion of pediatric clinical simulation across the globe. Registrations will open soon on the IPSS website, and discounts will be given to members and low- and middle-income countries.

Become an IPSS Member Now

Only IPSS members can receive a discounted rate on the yearly International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) registration fee – at a rate that more than covers the cost of membership. IPSS is extremely proud and committed to ensuring that membership is affordable to all. Therefore, the FREE membership is offered to professionals who work in low or lower-middle income countries, and a fee of only $65 to those in upper-middle income countries. Become a member of IPSS!

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