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Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Webinars of 2023 So Far

HealthySimulation.com’s LEARN CE/CME Platform hosted over 40 webinars of healthcare simulation from January through June in 2023. These medical simulation presentations were viewed by thousands of learners across the globe, sharing industry insights and trends. The goal of the HealthySimulation.com LEARN CE/CME platform is to help educate and inform clinical simulation learners around the world to strengthen and expand the industry’s impact on medicine and training. This HealthySimulation.com article highlights the best healthcare simulation webinars of the half of 2023. Want to submit healthcare simulation webinar abstracts to help support the clinical simulation community in 2023? Submit an abstract here now!

10. (CE) How to Make Healthcare Simulation Experiences Clinically Relevant (Amy Cowperthwait, RN, MSN, BC-ACNS, CHSE-A): Every Simulationist invests significant resources of time and finances to support clinical simulation experiences that possess the physical, environmental and psychological fidelity necessary to recreate the clinical environment.

9. Setting Up Your Healthcare Simulation Center for Learner Success with CAE Healthcare (Scott Temple, Group Leader of Education Solutions at CAE Healthcare): From orientation to debrief, leverage the products, platforms and services in your sim center to provide the best possible outcomes for your learners. Hear from sim center education experts as they discuss the importance of proper planning and preparation to achieve successful execution and debriefing, not only for the clinical learner, but also the instructors within a healthcare simulation center.

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8. (CE) Integrating Quality Clinical Simulation Into Your Nursing Program (Angie Turner – MSN, MMBA, RN, CHSE): The integration of healthcare simulation into nursing programs has surged in the last 10 years. It is a well-known fact that undergraduate nursing programs have limited clinical sites available, paving the way for nursing simulation as a supplement for clinical experiences. Integrating healthcare simulation best practices, nursing regulatory requirements, and academia accreditation can be daunting to say the least!

7. Designing Your Nursing Simulation Center for Current and Projected Needs (Anne Costello, MSN, RN, CHSE & Joe Lilly, Associate AIA): This webinar will provide an overview of considerations for those who are anticipating a renovation or build of a new nursing simulation center. Highlights will include recommended processes for conceptualizing a medical simulation center design to fit your program’s needs, who to include in your planning, questions to ask your architecture team, considerations for designing flexible and adaptable spaces, and lessons learned in our design and planning phase.

6. Professional Development for Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists (Tom Dongilli, AT, CHSOS-A, FSSH): While all Clinical Simulation Operations Specialist roles may vary by institution, the fundamental responsibilities remain the same, and the skills needed for SOSs to develop can be taught and developed through standardized training throughout the industry. This webinar will review what the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center are, and what kind of training can hone an SOS’s skills.

5. (CE) ADDIE This! GRASPing Clinical Simulation Design and Performance Assessment Concepts (Jason Konzelmann, BS, M.Ed., NR-P, CHSOS, CHSE): This CE presentation is geared toward novice and intermediate clinical simulation educators and healthcare simulation technology operations specialists. The focus of this session will be seeking inspiration for simulation-based educational (SBE) activities with an overview of best practices to session design. This session will teach the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model of instructional design which will help educators select, develop, implement and evaluate topics for SBE.

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4. Competency-Based Clinical Education Solutions from Laerdal Medical (Chris Ryals, CHSOS): The recent release of the NLN Vision Statement: Integrating Competency-Based Education in the Nursing Curriculum and the ongoing adoption of the AACN Essentials show the shift in educational focus from inputs to outcomes. Join this 1-hour webinar to explore competency-based clinical education training solutions (for any healthcare discipline) from Laerdal Medical that can help your program support learners in an impactful way. During this event, you’ll learn about Laerdal’s latest solutions: vSim, SimCaptureand RQI

3. (CE) High Quality Healthcare Simulation: How to Get Started! (Elizabeth Horsley, RN MSMS CHSE CCSNE): The CE presentation will provide an overview of the components of a high quality simulation-based education experience. Learners will be introduced to evidence-based best practices and theoretical frameworks that inform simulation pedagogy. The information discussed will be applicable to any simulation platform or modality. While the presentation is appropriate for novices, experienced simulationist are encouraged to join and share their experiences and lessons learned! This will be an opportunity to learn and network with healthcare simulation colleagues from around the world!

2. Stop The Bleed: Realistic Trauma Intervention Training Tools (Lt. Dan Stout, Training Manager at TacMed Solutions): In this webinar, TacMed’s military and police expert Dan Stout will highlight some of the key “Stop the Bleed” components used during initial interventions in a trauma related medical response, including the SOF-Tourniquet, Olaes, Trauma Bandage, hemostatic agents, and chest seals. These interventions will be demonstrated on a TacMed high fidelity, realistic simulator which can repeatedly replicate real world injuries to EMS, Police, Military and other and Emergency First Responders.

And the #1 Clinical Simulation Webinar of 2023 so far is ….

1. (CE) Psychological Safety in Healthcare Simulation: Why It Matters (LoraLynn Allen, RN, MSN-Ed, CHSE): Most Healthcare educators across a large variety of disciplines implement simulation as a primary learning methodology in preparing their learners for clinical practice. Although simulation has been research-proven as a highly effective experiential learning method, some scenarios and situations can compromise the psychological safety of the learner, negating the learning benefits of the experience. The concept of setting the stage for psychological safety has been emphasized in the International Nursing Association for Clinical and Simulation Learning (INACSL) Healthcare in Simulation Standards of Best Practice as a priority for simulation facilitators.

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